Dura-Ramp has been designing and building forklift loading ramps for years. Their work has allowed hundreds of businesses increase their existing workspace and drastically increase efficiency. These ramps are used by some of the largest companies, all over the world. After years of success with their first website by FirstPage Marketing, this new website brought a fresh new look, full WordPress functionality, and mobile-friendly use.

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  • • Number one position in search engine ads
  • • Mobile responsive design
  • • Lead generation through contact forms

Service Provided Top Position in Paid Search Ads

Dura-Ramp has been active in Google Adwords for years. Working together with FirstPage, the ads are continuously improved and optimized for the best performance.

Benefit: Dura-Ramp's ads rank in the first position on Google for relevant keywords and have become the corner store of lead generation for the business.

Service Provided Mobile Responsive Design

With more and more business owners using mobile devices it became increasingly important that Dura-Ramp's website was updated to serve these users.

Benefit: Dura-Ramp's website now displays for easy use by their mobile users, approximately 40% of their total traffic.

Service Provided Lead Generation Through Contact Forms

When investing the search engine marketing and search engine optimization, it is important that your website can generate leads to back up this investment.

Benefit: Dura-Ramp's website contains quote request forms and a ramp configurator tool that has allowed them to generate hundreds of online leads.

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