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3 Tips to Create Effective Display Ads

Display ads are like the roadside billboards of the internet but, unlike billboards, display ads show up to people at a time when they are ideally situated to act on the advertisements’ offering. One can’t really do too much about an ad that they viewed while driving (unless you’re a passenger – otherwise, for shame!), but an ad that pops up while browsing the internet comes at a time when a viewer is in a prime spot to explore more. In addition to having better timing for viewers than billboards, display ads are more cost-effective, it is easier to track results through them, and they don’t clutter up a beautiful view on a scenic drive!

If you are looking to make the most out of your display advertising campaign, it can help to know some tips and tricks from the pros. At FirstPage Marketing, we know that not all display ads are created equal, and we can help you get yours to go the extra mile and bring in more results.

Professional Tips for Better Display Ads

A better-designed display ad that grabs the right viewers’ attention can result in more qualified clicks to a website where they can convert into leads and sales. Display ads are an excellent way to improve brand awareness and get your offering in front of people, but the ultimate goal with these ads is to drive action. Some tips to help you get a return on your advertising investment include:

1.     Determine Your Target Audience and What They Want

Simply shooting a message into the reaches of the web that says “We’re here! This is our brand!” is not likely to get you very far. Display ads should take into account who is going to be on the receiving end of the message, and tailor the tone and content to that audience. Think about what they want out of the service and what would give them incentive to investigate the ad further, and you’ll have an ad that stands out amongst all the other noise.

2.     Stand Out Without Being Annoying

Think about it: if an ad came up in your browser that filled the screen, was difficult to close, and made loud sounds that interrupted whatever other audio you might have, would that create a positive association with the brand being advertised? Too many brands use advertisements like teenage boys use Axe Body Spray – grabbing attention at any cost. It’s best to be unobtrusive, yet create something that sticks with a viewer after their eyes have moved on. An attractive video, nicely formatted image carousel, profound question, or pithy statement will stick in the mind of a viewer and attract their attention in a positive way.

3.     For Crying Out Loud, Make it Mobile Friendly

More people are now using mobile devices than desktop computers. Why in the world would anyone make an ad that will only be able to show up for less than half of their user base? It’s possible to make ads for both mobile devices and desktops, and responsive advertising is the way to go.

If you would like to learn more about how to create the most effective display ads for your business, the team at FirstPage Marketing is ready to help. Give us a call and we can get you started with some ideas for your next advertising campaign.

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