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4 Best Practices for Email Marketing

Email Marketing16 March 2023
4 Best Practices for Email Marketing

Think about how many emails you receive from businesses every day. Do any of these emails stand out in a good way? If so, these emails were likely created by using effective practices to elevate them above the crowd. Whether you are a small local business or a large company with multiple locations, effective email marketing is a key ingredient for your continued growth and success. When executed properly, the right email campaign can increase engagement for your business, boost website traffic, and drive sales. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to properly execute an email campaign if you don’t know where to direct your efforts. As experts in marketing strategy, the team at FirstPage Marketing knows how important email marketing is for businesses of all sizes. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 4 best practices for email marketing to help you optimize the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

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4 Ways to Enhance Your Email Marketing Efforts

To optimize your email marketing efforts, consider the following tips:

1. Write Engaging Content

From your subject line to the content used in the body of the email, every word you write for an email matters. When it comes to content for emails, it is best to avoid sales pitches or pushy language at all costs. For example, your subject line should tell readers what your email is about instead of trying to sell them something. If you are only sending an email as a sales pitch, you will quickly find your recipients unsubscribing from your emails or see that your campaigns have been caught by spam filters. For the best results, your email should be created by using compelling and engaging content that naturally compels readers to open the email or click on relevant links.

In other words, focus on content that is geared toward educating and informing readers instead of selling something to them. This is especially true for your subject line, as this will be the piece of content that either convinces recipients to open your email or delete it. By focusing on informing instead of selling, you will build trust with your audience and increase their chances of visiting your website through your emails or contacting you to inquire about your products/services.

2. Send Emails to the Right Audience

Building a quality email marketing list takes time and patience, especially since recipients must opt in to receiving your emails in Canada. While some view anti-spam regulations as a deterrent or obstacle for building a great email list, the reality is that they can help you build a tailored list of individuals that are actually interested in receiving your emails. While you cannot send emails to customers that do not sign up for your emails, you can focus on creating the best possible content for the customers or clients that do.

In addition to content, it is worth considering segmentation for your email campaigns. Segmentation is the process of developing categories based on customer traits such as demographics and purchasing behaviour. For example, you may have segments dedicated to repeat buyers or a segment for customers from a specific area. While both groups may be interested in your products or the services you have to offer, you may choose to create different emails with different content for each group to increase the click-through rate and overall success of each campaign. While this means that you will need to create additional emails for each group instead of a single campaign for your entire list, this approach can provide results that make it well worth the effort.

3. Understand Spam Filters

The most thoughtfully crafted email won’t mean much if it ends up in a recipient’s spam folder. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that you understand spam filters and how to avoid ending up in a spam folder. While there is no secret formula to avoid spam filters, there are several practices you can utilize to maximize your chances of a successful delivery to your recipient’s inbox. These practices include:

  • Using a properly coded email template.
  • Making your email intentions clear in your subject line.
  • Maintaining consistent content and design elements throughout each of your emails.
  • Avoiding the excessive use of emojis.

Contrary to popular belief, using long subject lines or using the word “free” in your subject line does not immediately send your email to a spam folder. That said, it is strongly recommended to be concise and direct with your subject lines whenever possible.

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4. Ensure That Your Email Looks Good on Mobile Devices

Did you know that a large portion of recipients will open your email on their mobile device? That is why it is crucial to ensure that your email looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. If your email looks great on desktop but looks odd on mobile, recipients who open your email on their phone or tablet may be left with a negative impression of your company. Even worse, they may be more inclined to unsubscribe from your emails.

When designing your email, make sure the text wraps well to fit the screen, check all images, and test to ensure that every link is functional. Many email campaign builders feature mobile preview modes, so it is best to make use of them while building your email to ensure that it looks great on every screen. By taking the time to optimize your email for both desktop and mobile, you can be sure that you are putting your best foot forward regardless of the devices your recipients use.

To learn more about email marketing or to discuss your marketing strategy with our team, get in touch with FirstPage Marketing. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services or your email marketing campaigns.

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