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4 Signs That it is Time to Redesign Your Website

Website Design13 July 2022
signs it is time to redesign your website

Half-a-second: this is how long it typically takes a website visitor to determine whether they are going to stay on a website they have found or navigate back to their search engine. With this being the case, having a killer of a website design is more important than almost any other component of your digital marketing.

There are a few major signs that show it is time to redesign your website, and the team at FirstPage Marketing is always ready to help. Whether you need to start from the ground up with a new website strategy, structure, and content or just need to overhaul your website aesthetics, a new website design can help keep your digital presence relevant and operational for years to come.

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What Makes a Good Website Design?

In many ways, good website design is subjective. Different people like different things, and it’s nearly impossible to create something that everyone likes all the time. Although many people prefer what could be referred to as “classic” design trends when it comes to digital aesthetics, there are many instances when an old-school design can make a website look outdated. Digital designs are constantly changing as technology advances and an outdated website can be a major detriment to any business’ marketing presence. Good website design doesn’t mean that you have the flashiest brand or the trendiest colours, and modern website designs don’t have to be all sleek and chrome. Businesses like antique shops, used book shops, and classic car restorers often have brands that harken back to older aesthetics, and these looks can be carried into a website design that is highly functional, incorporates new technology and features, and shows awareness of modern design trends.

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4 Indicators That You Need a New Website Design

There are some common issues that indicate an outdated website design. Some signs that your company needs a redesigned website include:

1. Poor Ratio of Bounces to Conversions

A website’s bounce rate is the number of people who click into the website only to almost immediately navigate back out of it, while a conversion rate is the number of people who complete the website’s designed goal (such as a contact form submission or online purchase). Obviously, a high bounce rate is bad and a high conversion rate is good. There are many factors that can affect these two statistics, including market trends, point of entry to the website, website content, brand awareness, and much more; however, when bounces are higher than conversions, this can be a good indicator that it is time to look at a website redesign.

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2. A Lack of Mobile Responsiveness

With the pervasiveness of smartphones and tablets, mobile responsiveness is not just recommended: it is essential. If your website doesn’t flex to various screen and device sizes, it is not an exaggeration to say that you will be left in the dust by your competition. Search engines highly prioritize mobile responsiveness, and nobody wants to stay on a website that is difficult to read or navigate on their device.

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3. Website Aging Past 5 Years

Most digital marketers will tell you that any website’s lifespan is approximately 5 years. Some websites that are designed using forward-thinking methods can last longer, and a website might have a shorter lifespan if it no longer suits the business it represents or if it was constructed using already-dated methods. If your website was built more than 5 years ago, it is worth inspecting whether it still does its job and how it measures up to other websites.

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4. Poor Company Representation

If you go to your website and do not feel that it accurately represents who you are, what you do, or the scope you are capable of, then it is time for a new design. One of the most common statements we at FirstPage Marketing get when we ask why somebody wants a new website is that they feel their current website does not offer an accurate depiction of their brand and capacities. It is natural for a company to grow and develop, and a new website design can bring your digital image up to speed.

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If you would like to talk to somebody about your website’s current design and get some tips about what to do next, call the team at FirstPage Marketing. We are always happy to discuss website designs and how to get the most out of a digital presence.

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