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The Benefits of Business Blogs for Marketing

The benefits of business blogs for marketing

Utilizing the benefits of business blogs for marketing is one of the most effective ways to not only build brand awareness but also to provide your target audience with relevant and useful content. While having a highly optimized website is an essential part of developing a comprehensive digital marketing and branding strategy, blogging can be an inexpensive way to drive traffic to your website and attract potential customers.

At FirstPage Marketing, our team of Internet marketing professionals understands the importance of blogging and how essential it is to a company’s overall marketing strategy. That is why we offer a wide range of digital marketing services, including blog writing and search engine optimization, for helping your website generate better leads and results.

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The Benefits of Business Blogging for Marketing Purposes

Similar to other types of marketing channels like social media marketing and email marketing, business blogging can be a great way to support business growth by providing your website with more online visibility. Some of the ways that blog writing can help include:

1. Driving Website Traffic and Boosting Search Engine Optimization

Consistently writing blog articles and adding indexed pages to your website allows Google and other search engines to see that your website is active and that is should be checked for new content on a regular basis. This helps increase a website’s chances of ranking higher in search engine results and allows for more organic search traffic to be driven to the website.

Creating fresh, new content on a regular basis also provides an opportunity to increase the website’s search engine optimization by inserting relevant keywords that consumers will often use to search for the types of services or products your business has to offer.

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2. Converting Website Leads

While not every blog article will convert into a lead, the majority of consumers who use the Internet view a company’s blog as the second most influential factor that leads to making a purchase. This means that blog articles are one of the strongest tools a website can utilize to generate new leads.

In order to increase the chances of converting new leads, simply add a lead generating call-to-action to every blog post that tells potential customers exactly what to do next, such as a phone number or a link to a contact form.

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3. Creating Sharing Opportunities

Consistent blog writing can help create a stronger social media marketing presence for any business, as blog articles shared on social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, can strengthen a business’ social outreach, while also providing exposure to different audiences. This, in turn, creates an opportunity for others to share links to your blog on their own social media accounts, which could potentially lead to viral traffic and exponential market growth.

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4. Establishing Industry Authority

No matter what type of products or services your business offers, blogging is a simple and effective way to build trust by providing content that will be viewed as valuable, expert information. By creating helpful and informative blog articles on a regular basis, you will be able to turn your business into the go-to resource within the industry, which will also help increase leads and conversion rates. Writing and posting consistent blog articles can help your business, no matter how big or small, stand out from competitors.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of business blogs for marketing, or if you are interested in one of our digital marketing services (Internet marketing, print marketing, marketing strategy, search engine optimization, website design and development, or social media marketing), please contact us today.

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