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Small Business Guidelines for Posting on Social Media

Business, Social Media23 December 2021
social media posting guidelines

Posting on social media is often a lot like fishing. In order to get good results, you need to know what you are going after, use the right bait, fish...

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What is online marketing?

Business, Digital Marketing20 August 2014

Many people think that online marketing, also known as internet marketing, is all about having a good looking website. Maybe if you have a cool, flat design website your phone...

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The Need For Mobile Websites

Mobile Search Results

Since mobile phones were invented they have never stopped evolving. From making calls, then sending messages, email, and eventually browsing the entire Internet. It is actually more fitting to call...

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Bringing Together Design & Business

Business Priorities

Making smart design choices can mean making smart business decisions. A couple weekends ago, a few members of the FirstPage team traveled down to Seattle for An Event Apart 2014....

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Questions for Evaluating your Marketing Results

Business, Digital Marketing8 October 2013

October is here.  Like it or not, we’re now into the fourth quarter of 2013 and with that comes the challenge of ensuring the year ends as well as you...

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What Is A Marketing Plan & Why Do You Really Need One?

Business14 March 2013
marketing plan

A large part of our job involves demystifying industry buzzwords into regular, everyday language that makes sense for business owners and managers.  Today, we’re talking about the illusive “Marketing Plan.”...

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Seeing The World Through Your Customer’s Glasses

3d glasses

Design is often a very personal thing.  People seem to instinctively know what they like, what they dislike, what looks pretty and what qualifies as “good” website design and development....

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