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Have you ever heard the phrase “content is king”? There’s a reason people attribute content with the top of the monarchy. No matter what form of writing your content takes—website content, blog articles, brochures, white papers, etc.—well written content can inspire people to take action. It can transform the way potential customers look at your business, allowing them to trust in your products or services. This is why content rules all.

But what is considered good content? And how do you create it? These are the kinds of questions we cover in our blog articles on content writing, as a way of helping you get a leg up on the competition in your industry and to provide you with insights into the fascinating and wonderful world of the written word.

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What are Keyword Clusters?

When it comes to search engine optimization, it can be difficult to determine which techniques and methods are worth pursuing for your online presence. This is especially true when considering...

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What is User Intent and Why Does it Matter?

When someone plugs a query into a search engine, they have a reason for doing it. For example, a user might type in “pasta” and hit search. They may be...

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Building Trust and Authority with Website Content

Blogging, Content Writing29 March 2022

When it comes to websites, trust and authority are two elements that are commonly overlooked. Trust and authority are qualitative measures that increase the overall visibility and ranking of your...

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Content Writing vs. Copywriting: What’s the Difference?

Content creation is a vital part of digital marketing for any business regardless of its size or the industry they operate in. As the driving force behind all successful digital...

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How to Choose the Right SEO Keywords

There are only 171,146 words in the English language, and the average native English-speaking individual has between 40,000 words stored away in their passive vocabulary. The majority of these words...

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What is Keyword Cannibalization?

Keyword cannibalization is an issue that can really undermine a website’s search engine optimization. Knowing the best keyword practices to employ for your website can help ensure that it does...

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Why Fresh Content is Important for Your Website

When it comes to digital marketing, the phrase “content is king” tends to be thrown around quite often. Put simply, this phrase refers to the importance of written content for...

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How to Improve Your Copywriting for Better Search Rankings

Since potential customers are using search engines to find content that meets their immediate needs, the quality of copywriting and how it is optimized will determine whether a blog article...

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What are Landing Pages and Why are They Important?

Landing pages are often considered to be one of the most critical elements of any digital marketing campaign for both search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization because they are...

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Why the F-Shape Reading Pattern is Bad for Your Website

Content Writing9 December 2019

As digital marketing experts, we understand that your website is a place that you can call your very own. It is a spot on the Internet where you get to...

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