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Development: a website’s skeletal and muscular system, designed to allow the site to move and function in a specific way, making it easy for users to navigate and find the information they are looking for without getting lost along the way. Without proper web development, your website (if it functioned at all) would probably look like a broken, confusing mess that would discourage users from sticking around for longer than a few seconds.

We know that a properly developed website is a beautiful thing, and we want to help ensure that your website is developed to meet the highest standards. All of our blog articles on website development will provide you with insights into how your website should function in order to convince users to stay on your site and to help you build a stronger brand reputation.

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Should I Update My WordPress Website?

should i update WordPress

Have you recently seen those scary notifications in your website’s WordPress dashboard prompting you to update NOW or else? Are you worried that you might break something if you update...

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5 Reasons Your Website is Slow

Website Development5 August 2022
reasons your website is slow

The importance of website loading speed cannot be overstated. Poor website speed is the biggest reason that people navigate away from a website without converting, it can tank a website’s...

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How Responsive Mobile Design Can Increase Conversions

how mobile responsive websites increase conversions

Smartphones have drastically changed how people use the internet. Although people still use desktop computers to browse the web, many websites see more than 50% of their traffic coming from...

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How to Improve Your Website’s Navigation

how to improve your website's navigation

Have you ever visited a website, clicked on a few links within the site, and ended up lost with no idea how to get back to where you were or...

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SEO Basics for Optimizing Your Website

seo basics for optimizing your website

Everybody wants to rule the search engine results pages for their industry, but most people don’t know where to start their conquest. Getting your website to appear in the top...

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How to Determine the Price of a Website

What determines website cost

Website costs can seem complicated. When looking at different types of websites and pricing things out, you might discover that some websites cost a few dozen dollars to get started...

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What is Custom Web Development?

What is custom web development?

While most people tend to think that having a custom website designed for their business purely focuses on the overall aesthetics, website design is only half of the process of...

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What You Need to Know About Online Payment Gateways

what are payment gateways

We’ve come a long way from bartering goats for grain in terms of how we make retail transactions as humans. One of the best innovations over the past few decades...

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Is WordPress a Good CMS for Your Website?

Is WordPress a good CMS for your website?

While WordPress originally started out as a blogging platform, it has been well adapted over the years to allow users to create fully functional websites for any business in any...

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Why a Mobile-Friendly Website is Important for Your Business

Why a Mobile-Friendly Website is Important for Your Business

As the Internet has continued to evolve over the years, so has the way that users access the Internet. Since tablets, laptops, gaming devices, watches, and mobile devices are used...

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