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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Many of us have experienced the frustration (and occasional rage) that comes from receiving too many emails from uninvited sources. These emails might be spammy, irrelevant, boring, or there might just be too many of them crowding our inbox. In any case, frustration with this form of digital marketing has led many business owners to question the effectiveness of email…

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How to Increase the Effectiveness of Email Marketing Campaigns

While taking the time to build an email list will allow you to reach your business’ target audience at any given time, knowing how to increase the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns can help you evaluate business performance and make improvements. At FirstPage Marketing, we understand how beneficial it can be for businesses to increase the effectiveness of their email…

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Add a Pinch of Email Marketing to Your Digital Mix

At FirstPage Marketing, we develop and manage a variety of different email campaigns for many of our clients. The success that we have achieved in managing email campaigns proves to us that email marketing is still a very effective marketing tool for brand development and product/service promotion. The key to successful email marketing is to clearly establish the desired objectives…

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