Why Paid Social Media Earns a Better Return on Investment

Since social media is no longer just about conversations and content, keeping up with customer acquisitions, remarketing, and engaging existing customers can help boost you overall return on investment (ROI). Understanding why paid social media earns a better return on investment, when compared to organic social media, will help you make smart decisions on how…

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How to set up your business on Facebook

How to Set Up Your Business on Facebook

Since being on Facebook can make it easier for people to discover and interact with a business online, knowing not only how to set up your business on Facebook but also how to optimize your business page can help you reach a wider range of people more efficiently. As experts in digital marketing, we understand…

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How to create a social media marketing strategy

How to Create the Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

Knowing how to create the best social media marketing strategy, which is essentially a summary of what you plan to do and hope to achieve on social media, can help guide your actions online, giving every post, like, reply, and comment a specific purpose in helping you succeed. As experts in digital marketing, we know…

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Are social media hashtags relevant in 2018?

Are Hashtags Still Relevant on Social Media in 2018?

While most businesses, nowadays, tend to favour social media as a way of connecting and communicating with their target audience, a lot of businesses do not know how to properly use social media platforms to their advantage. One of the aspects of social media that business owners have a hard time mastering is the hashtag,…

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