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The social media craze has long since become a constant in our lives, as people tweet, post, share, and like the content that speaks to them on a daily basis. As a business, learning how to properly utilize social media in a fun and engaging way can help you stand out from the ever growing crowd and from competitors in your industry. We want to help you use social media for good. That is why we have written several different blog articles on how businesses can use social media to their advantage while also creating engaging and meaningful content users in your target market will love.

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How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

Ad Campaigns, Social Media8 January 2020
how to setup facebook business manager

Any business that uses Facebook should also be using Facebook Business Manager, as this important social media tool is designed to make it as simple as possible for business owners...

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Why Paid Social Media Earns a Better Return on Investment

Social Media31 October 2019
social media provides better ROI

Since social media is no longer just about conversations and content, keeping up with customer acquisitions, remarketing, and engaging existing customers can help boost you overall return on investment (ROI)....

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How to Set Up Your Business on Facebook

Social Media16 October 2019
How to set up your business on Facebook

Since being on Facebook can make it easier for people to discover and interact with a business online, knowing not only how to set up your business on Facebook but...

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How to Create the Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media24 September 2019
How to create a social media marketing strategy

Knowing how to create the best social media marketing strategy, which is essentially a summary of what you plan to do and hope to achieve on social media, can help...

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Reality Check: Does Social Media Make Sense For Your Business?

Does social media make sense for your business?

At FirstPage Marketing, we often get asked about social media marketing and whether or not it is worth it for our clients’ businesses. Given that many of our clients are...

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