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While web development provides the structure of a website, web design provides the features and aspects that make a web page both strikingly beautiful and incredibly easy to navigate. It is the artistic details and the little flourishes that make a web page truly unique and captivating enough to stand out from the competition online. Yet, web design also plays a significant role in creating easy-to-use navigational structures and determining the proper placement and look of buttons, which are important parts of convincing visitors to stay on your website for longer periods of time.

While web design is not always a complicated topic to cover, it is a large part of digital marketing and, therefore, there are a lot of different articles that can be written on the subject. Here, we cover a wide range of different web design related articles, and we will continue to add to them regularly in order to properly cover the vastness that is website design. If you can’t find the article you are looking for, chances are we haven’t written it yet, but we would still love to chat with you about it. Get in touch us today!

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The Role of Storytelling in Web Design

Website Design30 November 2023
storytelling in web design

Similar to how authors craft captivating stories, web designers blend a variety of elements to share a brand’s journey, becoming storytellers in their own right. But what’s the role of...

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Best Practices for Website Navigation

Website Design26 October 2023
best practices for website navigation

When it comes to web design, ensuring users have a smooth and enjoyable experience is the ultimate goal. At the core of achieving this goal is having a website navigation...

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The Importance of Colour Psychology in Web Design

Website Design29 September 2023
the importance of colour psychology in web design

In the digital age, every detail of your website matters, and colour is no exception. At FirstPage Marketing, we understand the importance of colour psychology in web design. That’s why...

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How to Choose the Right Font for Your Website

Website Design6 July 2023
how to choose the right font for your website

First impressions matter and, apart from the website’s graphic appeal, fonts are one of the first things people notice when landing on your page. Font becomes a part of your...

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How to Make Your Website Accessible

Website Design29 June 2023
how to make your website accessible

At FirstPage Marketing, we strongly believe in the power of digital marketing to connect people and businesses. A crucial part of this connection is making sure that your website is...

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Why is Whitespace Important in Web Design?

Website Design27 June 2023
why is whitespace important in web design

Whitespace is a crucial element in web design that often goes unnoticed. It refers to the space between elements on a website, including text, images, and other visual components. Although...

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The Best Way to Use Videos on a Website

the best way to use videos on a website

In today’s fast-paced digital world, videos are becoming increasingly popular due to platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. They can convey messages quickly, efficiently, and in a way that captures...

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5 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Website Design6 April 2023
5 website design mistakes to avoid

There are several aspects of website design to think about, including user experience, visual attractiveness, and search engine optimization. Common pitfalls are simple to slip into, which might reduce your...

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4 Benefits of a Professionally Designed Website

Website Design14 February 2023
4 Benefits of a Professionally Designed Website

Building a website can be a daunting task, especially if you have no idea where to start or what you want the finished product to look like. While you could...

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5 Signs You Need a New Website

Website Design1 February 2023
5 signs you need a new website

Think of a website as a living thing that should grow alongside a business and continue to provide customers with everything they need in one easy-to-navigate location. Now think about...

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