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While web development provides the structure of a website, web design provides the features and aspects that make a web page both strikingly beautiful and incredibly easy to navigate. It is the artistic details and the little flourishes that make a web page truly unique and captivating enough to stand out from the competition online. Yet, web design also plays a significant role in creating easy-to-use navigational structures and determining the proper placement and look of buttons, which are important parts of convincing visitors to stay on your website for longer periods of time.

While web design is not always a complicated topic to cover, it is a large part of digital marketing and, therefore, there are a lot of different articles that can be written on the subject. Here, we cover a wide range of different web design related articles, and we will continue to add to them regularly in order to properly cover the vastness that is website design. If you can’t find the article you are looking for, chances are we haven’t written it yet, but we would still love to chat with you about it. Get in touch us today!

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5 Signs You Need a New Website

Website Design1 February 2023
5 signs you need a new website

Think of a website as a living thing that should grow alongside a business and continue to provide customers with everything they need in one easy-to-navigate location. Now think about...

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The Importance of User Experience

Website Design22 November 2022
The Importance of User Experience

If you are looking to create a successful website for your business, it is crucial to think about user experience throughout the design process. Commonly abbreviated as UX, user experience...

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What Makes a Great Website Design?

Website Design9 September 2022
what makes a great website design

Everybody knows the age-old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to put this wisdom into practice. A company’s website is a major component...

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4 Signs That it is Time to Redesign Your Website

Website Design13 July 2022
signs it is time to redesign your website

Half-a-second: this is how long it typically takes a website visitor to determine whether they are going to stay on a website they have found or navigate back to their...

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What are the 4 Most Important Pages on a Website?

Important Website Pages

When considering the design of your website, it can be difficult to determine which pages to prioritize over others. While every page on your site may be equally important or...

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How Responsive Mobile Design Can Increase Conversions

how mobile responsive websites increase conversions

Smartphones have drastically changed how people use the internet. Although people still use desktop computers to browse the web, many websites see more than 50% of their traffic coming from...

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4 Ways Website Design Affects SEO

does website design affect SEO

When designing a website, there are two major factors that will affect its performance: how the website functions for SEO, and how well the website uses design elements to convert...

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Why you Need a Contact Form on Your Website

Why You Need a Contact Form

When creating your website, you may think that it’s easier to put an email address and phone number on your contact page instead of building a dedicated contact form. While...

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How to Improve Your Website’s Navigation

how to improve your website's navigation

Have you ever visited a website, clicked on a few links within the site, and ended up lost with no idea how to get back to where you were or...

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How to Determine the Price of a Website

What determines website cost

Website costs can seem complicated. When looking at different types of websites and pricing things out, you might discover that some websites cost a few dozen dollars to get started...

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