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A secure website is a safe website. If your website is not secure, it can be more easily hacked and can also affect whether or not people visit your website. When it comes to website’s that don’t provide a secure connection, Google will often give users a warning that the website is not safe and they should turn back, deterring them from sticking around longer than they have to.

So how do you secure your website to make it safe for users and to prevent hackers from gaining control? Read the articles below to find out how to proactively make your website safe. Looking for more information? We’d love to help. Get in touch with our dedicated team today to learn more about web security and how we can help you protect your website and its visitors.

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Should I Update My WordPress Website?

should i update WordPress

Have you recently seen those scary notifications in your website’s WordPress dashboard prompting you to update NOW or else? Are you worried that you might break something if you update...

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2019 WordPress Security Checklist

Web Security23 January 2019
2019 wordpress security checklist

Understanding why your WordPress website needs a security plan can help you put the appropriate proactive security measures in place, stopping hackers and malicious software from breaching your system. At...

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How to Perform a Website Security Audit

Web Security18 April 2018
How to perform website security audits

As cyber-attacks and hacking become more and more common on the Internet, businesses have to start working harder to ensure the security of their online presence. One of the best...

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Website Security: Protecting Your Website and Server

Web Security17 January 2018
Protect your website and server

By design, web servers and websites work to create a window between a company’s network and the world. Yet, while this window works to create a connection between hosts and...

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