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Common Email Marketing Myths

Email Marketing8 March 2022
common email marketing myths

Did you know that the Great Wall of China cannot actually be seen from space? Or that cracking your knuckles does not give you arthritis? There are all sorts of myths out there that people simply take for truth on a daily basis. Due to its complex nature, technology can be a breeding ground for myths and misconceptions, and email marketing is no exception. At FirstPage Marketing, we want to make sure that everyone is equipped with the correct information that they need in order to make good marketing decisions, so we are doing our best to debunk common email marketing myths.

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Common Email Marketing Myths Debunked

Email marketing campaigns can be extremely beneficial as a method to reach an audience. Understanding the difference between truth and myth about email marketing can enable you to make the most of this useful marketing method. Some commonly believed myths about email marketing include:

Social media has made email marketing irrelevant

While social media is an incredibly useful marketing platform for businesses, the way that ads and content are processed on social media is drastically different from email marketing. Using a combination of email marketing and social media can help a company reach multiple audiences at varying points in their sales funnel.

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“Unsubscribes” can hurt your digital presence

When somebody decides that they no longer wish to receive marketing materials from a company and unsubscribes from their email list, that action has no effect on the company’s digital presence. It will not get the company’s email domain marked as a junk mail sender. High numbers of unsubscribe requests should be examined, as it is likely that the email marketing campaign is not suited to its audience; however, every email blast will typically be met with a few unsubscribes.

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Email marketing does not work on modern young people

Research has shown that millennials are prime candidates for email marketing campaigns. The key to success is to use quality over quantity and keep campaigns concise. Sending out too many emails or sending email blasts that are too lengthy often leads to brand fatigue and a high number of unsubscribes, resulting in a missed marketing opportunity.

Using the word “Free” sends an email straight to the junk folder

Many years ago, putting the word “free” in a subject line would earn an email a ticket to the junk folder with some email providers; however, this is no longer the case. While it is true that most email systems will crawl through incoming content to determine if it would be classified as junk mail, words like “free,” “clearance,” or “affordable” no longer trigger spam filters.

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Long subject lines do not perform well

The length of a subject line can make a difference on how effective an email marketing campaign is, but it varies from industry to industry and from topic to topic. Most people believe that the shorter a subject line is, the better it will perform, but studies have shown that longer subject lines have potential to perform just as well as shorter ones. The important thing is that a subject line needs to match the contents of the email and set the tone. If the email’s intention is to be a quick attention-grabber for brand awareness, then a short subject line will be best suited to the email’s needs. If the desire is to provide a wealth of information about a charitable message or a new product line, then a longer subject line could be more effective.

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