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Digital Marketing in 2012

Digital Marketing3 January 2012

2011 has come and gone.  All that eggnog, mistletoe and shiny Christmas tree decorations have been finished, used and put away back into boxes.  The New Year is always an exciting time for people to think back at what was, but more importantly, look ahead at what’s to come.  2012 promises to be another year to remember – online and off.  With the arrival of more digital devices, mediums and platforms, the digital industry is expanding to affect what we discuss, buy, watch, who we friend, what we like, and how we share.
Despite all the industry change, smart marketers adhere to a set of best practices that have been proven winners in the past.  Based on colleagues and staff, here are our top five resolutions for businesses in the New Year.

1. Owning Your Voice

The industry is buzzing around the term “word ownership” for online branding.  Especially in highly competitive categories, these emotive and topical keywords are the name of the game.  When companies exhibit a brand presence that presents itself as a leader within the region or industry, they stand to gain trust and confidence from consumers.  You have something to say, so get out there and own it.

2. Resolving to be Relevant

People are in the driver’s seat.  Companies must, more than ever, keep consumers’ desires, hopes and aspirations central to their marketing in order to stay on top.  According to Matt Briton, CEO of social media agency Mr. Youth, successful brands will address the five “need states:” utility, entertainment, information, rewards, and recognition.  By delivering content that engages your audience and advertising that aligns with what they watch and read, businesses can now optimize their programs for more effective results.

3. Consumer Engagement is King

As Apple and Facebook have shown us, value can be created when technology and creativity connect.  2011 showed us that when people have the ability to create, mix and remix their own material, they are more likely to become avid supporters of a particular brand.  This year, the best advertising will by dynamic, providing useful information (content) within the appropriate context.

4. Analytics are Improving

Today, the revolution in data continues to change the game.  Marketers can now look more closely at consumer behaviour to get more mileage out of campaigns.  As technology gives us a clearer view of reader engagement and retention, we see that content is not all created equally, and that despite the increases in content volume, what really drives results is its quality.

5. Get Social

An incredible 98% of 18-24 year olds use social media.  Though the debate continues regarding ROI and how to quantify Likes, we’ve seen brands develop new ways to make their social media assets deliver, specifically by bringing social content to new ad formats that push Facebook pages and Twitter feeds to the consumer in a relevant context.  This will continue to develop in 2012, with many businesses working to discover how to make their position within the social environment solid and sustainable.
Happy New Year!  We hope that in 2012 you resolve to take your marketing to the next level of success.

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