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Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

With 2018 just around the corner, most business owners are faced with the task of trying to juggle the holiday madness and planning next year’s digital marketing strategy. While it is not too late to start planning for next year, it is important for business owners to take a hard look at the upcoming digital marketing trends for 2018 before implementing a new strategy.
At FirstPage Marketing, our team of Internet marketing professionals understand how important digital marketing trends can be for keeping businesses ahead of the curb. That is why we offer a wide range of digital marketing services that are designed to help our clients implement the right trends and tools for their specific needs.

1. Customer Experience Marketing

Customer experience marketing focuses on ensuring customers have a consistently positive experience across all touch points, regardless of the marketing channel. This is sometimes referred to as omni-channel marketing. This covers everything from in-store customer service to website and social media platforms. Since customers tend to think of businesses or brands as a sum of experiences, it is important to focus on creating a great, seamless experience in order to help gain more brand loyalists. If customers search online and find two different listings for a business or they receive bad customer service while making a purchase, chances are that they will not use that business again.

One of the best ways to increase the number of satisfied customers in 2018 is to make sure that everything is mobile. Since the most popular way to browse the web is now on mobile devices, businesses should make sure that all of their digital marketing efforts (everything from website design and development to email marketing) perform flawlessly on mobile devices.

2. Content Marketing

While content marketing is not a trend (it’s here to stay), it will a see surge in popularity through 2018 as more and more businesses focus on informing potential customers about their products and services through diversified content as opposed to aggressive ads. Website copywriting can be a great way for a business to stand out from the competition, as it works to engage readers and keep them interested. From websites and blog posts to videos and infographics, content marketing can be utilized in all forms of digital marketing. For business owners who do not have the time to produce their own content, writing content can easily be outsourced to a digital marketing company that will work to streamline the process, while also producing more leads in the coming years.

3. Strategic Social Media

Unfortunately, the days of “free social media” for businesses are over and we are now in a pay-to-play model. In today’s online world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to reach their intended audience on social media organically as they have to fight for a social presence amongst their competitors. That is why 2018 is going to be the year for strategic social media plans for local businesses and large brands alike, with a large slice of the strategy set aside for paid social media advertising. In order to stand out from the competition on social media platforms, businesses will need a comprehensive social media strategy that includes budgeting for paid advertising. This type of strategy should cover everything from which platforms to use and how much budget to allocate towards each platform monthly and annually.

While implementing digital marketing trends can be an overwhelming task for some business owners, they do not have to face the challenges alone.  At FirstPage Marketing, we offer comprehensive digital marketing services to help our clients keep up with the latest trends and stand out from the competition. If you would like to learn more about digital marketing trends for 2018, or if you are interested in one of our services (Internet marketing, print marketing, and website design and development), please contact us today.

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