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Add a Pinch of Email Marketing to Your Digital Mix

Add a dash of email marketing to your digital mix

At FirstPage Marketing, we develop and manage a variety of different email campaigns for many of our clients. The success that we have achieved in managing email campaigns proves to us that email marketing is still a very effective marketing tool for brand development and product/service promotion. The key to successful email marketing is to clearly establish the desired objectives and understand the limitations. By using segmentation, email marketing can offer companies a unique opportunity to customize messages and target them to specific audiences with high response rates.

How can email marketing increase your click-through rates?

Over the last few years, we have witnessed many small and medium businesses adopt email marketing as a key component of their Internet marketing mix, second only to search engine marketing. Its popularity is largely a result of its convenience, flexibility and affordability. Compared to many other direct marketing channels, email marketing provides efficient and affordable advantages with conversion rates often 20 to 40 times higher than social media.

When comparing price to performance, it is clear that email marketing can yield great value for businesses. It enables companies to cement customer loyalty, brand recognition and performance measurement in a cost-effective way.

What are some of the most common email marketing myths?

Brand awareness and customer loyalty

Email Marketing allows advertisers to continuously bring attention to brand icons, stories, and personalities in order to create emotional connections with customers, strengthen brand awareness and provide product/service updates. Email allows companies to communicate personalized messages to specific groups of people according to age, interest and location demographics.

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Because it only takes a few hours to create and launch a campaign, email marketing is one of the preferred methods for connecting businesses with existing customers through personalized messaging. Emails can be targeted to customers in databases that are segmented by a variety of criteria. The email’s content can then easily be tailored to reflect specific customer preferences. Sending personalized emails to customers will help reinforce loyalty and remind customers about product and service offerings.

It is very important to make sure emails are both relevant and valuable to recipients. Emails containing beneficial information along with a promotional message can easily connect with the audience. It can help build trusting relationships with customers, increase brand loyalty and create a lasting impact. Emails that are tailored to a specific segment or buyer persona can mirror customer interests, purchasing preference and buying history. Email campaigns can also help attract new customers and convince existing customers to purchase more products or services.

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Email Marketing offers cost-effective advertising & performance measurement

Email Marketing enables your company to deliver instant messages to a broad range of categorized customers at an affordable cost. Compared to direct mail, mass advertising and printed newsletters, email marketing is easy and affordable. It also allows businesses to save big on paper, printing and postage fees. Since most email marketing software comes standard with a large variety of artwork, layouts and templates, businesses will also save on the cost of developing advertising creative.

Measuring email campaign performance is simple. The majority of online platforms for email marketing come loaded with valuable tracking and reporting metrics to make sure ROI and other values can be easily identified. It is reported that 80% of customer responses are returned within the first 3 days of launching a campaign. Email marketing enables advertisers to effectively track consumer responses to the received emails by checking the number of people who opened their emails, clicked on the links and made purchases.

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