FirstPage Marketing Team at Adobe

FirstPage at Adobe Max 2015


This year, FirstPage was fortunate to attend the annual Adobe conference – Adobe Max. The conference, hosted at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, covers advancements in technology, software, and how these things affect our jobs as developers and designers everyday. Through the numerous keynotes, events, and classes we have a few takeaways as a team.

Who is Adobe?

First off, we should let you know who Adobe, is if you are not already familiar. Adobe is the worldwide leader of digital marketing software. They are the makers of programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and others that are used by designers and developers in order to create digital pieces. As one of the major authorities in the industry, the advancements that Adobe makes in their software directly affects our daily activities.

Adobe Keynote

The Power of Touch

One item that was mentioned numerous times over the three days was touch. Adobe showcased a number of advancements in Illustrator and mobile apps that allow designers to bring their work across devices and work more efficiently. This means that work doesn’t just need to be done at the office or at a coffee shop, but on the go and just about anywhere. In the future we could see a change from the standard office setting, to any coffee shop or park bench being the new production center.

Adobe Max Session

The Power of the Cloud

Everything is moving to the cloud! In order to help more team members collaborate on a project from multiple locations and devices, Adobe is moving file hosting to the cloud. With Adobe Creative Cloud, files can be saved and quickly shared with other users. Changes by any team member are then reflected to everyone, so nothing is lost which improves efficiency in the creative process.

Along with the movement to touch and the cloud, Adobe added many other features into the programs to allow designers and developers to create higher quality work and output it more efficiently. At FirstPage, we are excited to see how we can grab on to these new features and put them into great use for our clients.

Each member of the FirstPage team attended numerous keynotes and classes that discussed trends in the industry, from flat design to typefaces. We look forward to more opportunities to grow our knowledge and stay abreast with the industry and emerging trends.