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FirstPage & The Scenic Rush Experience


A couple of years ago, we had the privilege of working with a new Vancouver-based business to design and develop a new website and marketing to help them get things started. Years later, Scenic Rush is offering hundreds of people an exhilarating experience to drive up and down the Sea to Sky Highway in exotic cars. FirstPage was fortunate enough to take part in this experience, and let us tell you … it was awesome!

Getting behind the wheel

Scenic Rush Exotic CarsWhether you are a car person or not, there is really no faking the excitement that you feel when you are about to step behind the wheel of a super car. The great guys at Scenic Rush started off by walking us through a tutorial about safety and handling the cars, so we could be more relaxed and aware of what we could expect when we are out on the road. There is always a little apprehension when piloting an expensive (and authoritative) machine like a Lamborghini, but the team at Scenic Rush made us feel comfortable and pumped to get behind the wheel.

Once we had our feet on the gas pedals and rubber on the road, we all felt like professionals. With engines roaring we carved out the B.C. coast in these amazing machines. It is very rare that you will get a chance in your lifetime get to drive an exotic car, so you definitely don’t take it for granted.

Taking in the scenery

Sea to Sky GondolaNot only is it an awesome experience to drive these cars (including a Ferrari and Corvette) but also we had the opportunity to drive up the beautiful B.C. coast. It was a bright and hot April afternoon, and the mountains were in clear view. While your hands are gripping the leather steering wheel and you are focused on the road ahead, you bring your eyes up every now and then and take in the water, trees, and mountains that are unique to the Canadian west coast. There are multiple opportunities to pull over, take photos, switch vehicles, and take a moment to breath it all in.

Recommended experience for anyone

So, if you are visiting the west coast or have lived here your whole life, this is definitely one of the top things to do in Vancouver. It could be that you are looking for a unique and memorable experience, or you just have a love for exotic vehicles. Perhaps you are planning a high-end bachelor party or have it on your bucket list. Regardless of the reason Scenic Rush can offer you a great time.

Check out Scenic Rush for yourselves because every one of us at FirstPage highly recommends it!

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