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How Social Media Can Enhance Your Marketing Presence

Social Media16 June 2022
how social media enhances your marketing presence

Isn’t it funny to reflect on how people thought that social media was a dying fad ten to fifteen years ago? Considering how social media has shaped our modern society and seeped into so many areas of life, it’s difficult to imagine what the world would be like without it. Its pervasiveness can be a major advantage for businesses as it allows them to get a better footing in the digital world and craft a more deliberate marketing presence.

Whether you are a big company looking to revitalize your digital presence or a small business attempting to gain a foothold online, social media marketing can be used in some capacity to enhance your digital strategy. At FirstPage Marketing, we have a strategy-first approach to social media, meaning that every action is led by a well-written strategy that accounts for the type of growth that our clients want to see on their respective platforms.

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How Can Social Media Improve Your Digital Marketing?

There are many different social media platforms out there, and they can all be used to benefit your business’ marketing presence. Some platforms work better for different industries and to accomplish different goals, so it is important to get advice from a marketing professional before spending countless hours on a wide array of platforms trying to get results.

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Some of the ways that social media can enhance your marketing presence include:

Improve Brand Awareness

Social media can be used to get your brand in front of your target audience and introduce new potential customers to your offering. Although most organic social media (posting, commenting, etc.) will only show to an existing following, social media ads can be used to get new impressions and clicks to your website.

Improve Visibility with an Existing Audience

Staying at the top of your customers’ minds can ensure that they come to you instead of a competitor when they need your products or services. Regular engagement and advertising on social media can help to keep attention on your brand so that you become the go-to company for your industry.

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Create Human Connection

The best marketing tactics create a connection with viewers, and social media is all about connection. By getting on social media, you can show a human side to your brand that goes beyond simple services or products.

Generate Website Traffic

A website is the hub of most companies’ digital marketing presences. Websites provide relevant information, opportunities to contact companies, make purchases, and much more. By linking to your website through your social media, you create roads for visitors to travel to your website after connecting with meaningful content. In turn, this can bring in new leads, sales, and any other conversions that your website is set up to attain.

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Give a More Visual Presence

Most social media platforms are centred around high-impact imagery, which is excellent for companies that operate in highly visual fields. An image speaks a thousand words, and social media is ideally set up to share images.

Create a Loyal Audience

Somebody that follows a company on social media is more likely to use that brand when they need its offering. Social media allows a company to create a community for its audience to engage with each other and the company itself on an ongoing basis.

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Show That You Add Value and Don’t Just Promote

By nature, marketing often can feel like shameless self-promotion. Social media offers a way around this by creating a space where companies can add value to their community by offering better information and awareness of topics.

Get Better Data

Most social media platforms offer in-depth analytics systems that allow companies to track metrics about their users. This data can help them to make better decisions about branding and marketing across all areas of their business.

If you would like to learn more about how social media can enhance your marketing presence, or to get started with a social media strategy that you can begin implementing, be sure to reach out to the team at FirstPage Marketing.

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