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How to Determine the Price of a Website

What determines website cost

Website costs can seem complicated. When looking at different types of websites and pricing things out, you might discover that some websites cost a few dozen dollars to get started with while others can cost tens of thousands. Why is there such a massive discrepancy between website budgets? If a person can build their own website for less than $100, why would anyone ever pay top dollars for a custom website?

When it comes to website design and development, we at FirstPage Marketing believe that people should always know exactly what they are paying for. There are loads of factors that determine the overall price of a website, and it is important to be aware of these factors when planning your website budget.

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What are the Different Ways of Developing a Website?

Before looking into the details that factor into how much it costs to build a website, it is important to establish the different methods of building a website. There are three main methods of building websites, and each type breaks down into smaller tactics and design methods depending on the style of the website.

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The main ways of developing a website are:

1.     Self-Made Website Systems

The most affordable way to build a website is to use a DIY website builder system such as Wix or Squarespace. A system like this will cost very little but, like any DIY system, it will take time to get set up and will be limited in its scope and features.

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2.     Professionally Developed Themes and Frameworks

Another method of building a website is to hire a developer to develop a new property based on a theme, template, or other pre-established design. Because a professional who hopefully has experience and training is doing the heavy lifting, the end result typically ends up being better than what would be produced through a DIY website kit. Templates tend to still be limited in marketability and customizability, but they can be used to build a nice-looking website that represents a business well.

3.     Custom Websites

The final and most expensive way to build a website is to hire a developer to build one from custom designs. This method is usually the most expensive because of the amount of time that it takes to complete, the knowledge and training required to be effective, and the breadth of experience and expertise needed for the different aspects of a website. A full team of professionals is often required to produce a high-quality website, and their time is the main thing that will end up costing money.

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What Does it Cost to Build a Custom Website?

Prices can vary greatly for different custom websites. There are often large differences in price when comparing developers. Developers with larger teams and more experience tend to be more expensive, but they are often able to produce better end results. Some of the factors that can influence the price of a custom website include:


The size of a website is the number one influencer of its price. A smaller website with fewer pages, content, and custom designs will cost considerably less than a large one with multiple layouts and a lot of writing. Larger websites simply take more time to produce, and thus they cost more. A skilled developer can help you to strategize effective ways to market your company while keeping your website’s size under control in order to save you some money while still producing an effective website.


Websites that have features such as a blog, portfolio system, gallery, e-commerce, or careers system also cost more to develop than websites with simple page structures. E-commerce websites are particularly expensive to develop, as they require lots of custom development and testing.

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Custom Capabilities

Many custom websites can be built using pre-coded elements in order to save time and money, in a similar way to how not every piece of furniture or fixture in a custom home needs to be built from scratch; however, many website capabilities require more custom work than others. A membership or coupon system in an e-commerce website will require special development and will cost more than a simple e-commerce store.


The marketing strategy that goes into a website’s design often requires time and planning. Research and analysis are often needed to produce a plan that is more likely to convert visitors into website leads. It is good to have a website that looks pretty, but it is more important to have a website with a strategic layout that works as a tool to push users through a marketing funnel in order to bring in work.

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Custom design elements that match your brand and create a cohesive website aesthetic are another thing that can take time to create. Website developers with in-house designers will be able to use a strategic layout to create attractive, effective designs that look professional.


One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of a website that gets overlooked all the time is the written content. Content needs to be written in a way that converts a user and instills a sense of confidence in them with the brand they are looking at, while also conveying the necessary messaging. It also is a key aspect of a website’s SEO. A good content writer will be able to tie all of these aspects together, but this work can take time.

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Other Associated Website Costs

There are other costs that should be considered when pricing out a new website. Some costs associated with website development include:

  • Website domain
  • Website hosting
  • Security and maintenance
  • Ongoing marketing and lead development
  • Branding materials (logo, colouring, slogan, etc.)

If you would like to find out more about how much it costs to develop a website, or to get a quote for a website for your business, make sure you reach out to the team at FirstPage Marketing. We are always happy to help people find the information that they need in order to get started with their digital presence.

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