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How to Increase Email Marketing Click-Through Rates

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As one of the oldest methods of digital marketing, email sometimes gets overlooked or put on autopilot as something. People have oodles of misconceptions about this marketing technique so, if you use email campaigns as part of your business’ marketing methods, it is important to have the right expectations and goals for what you can get out of your efforts. Being goal-oriented with any marketing tactic and knowing how to measure your goals’ success can help to ensure that your work brings your company results. For email marketing and most other sectors of internet marketing, the main goal is typically to bring clicks through to a website or other digital property where visitors can convert into leads or sales, and the team at FirstPage Marketing is always ready to go with tips to increase email marketing click-through rates.

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Ways to Increase Click-Through Rates for Email Marketing

There are quite a few different email marketing platforms available that can help you manage your email marketing, and the tips and tricks to improve your click-through rate are the same across most of these platforms. Some ways to improve your email campaign’s effectiveness include:

Get Email Addresses Using Favourable Methods

It should go without saying that somebody who didn’t know they signed up for an email list is less likely to respond well to its content than somebody who opted in as a recipient. It is best to have a specific form that people fill out to give consent to receive emails, but even a checkbox on a form or checkout that allows people to opt into the list will work.

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Make Sure the Email Format is Easy to Read

Formatting the email campaign in a way that is easy for viewers to process and scan can make a big difference in getting them to go where you want them to. Nothing makes a reader bounce out of an opened email like a load of formatting issues that make the email hard to read. Ensuring that the email is mobile-friendly, content is laid out well and is readable, images show up at the right size, and sections of the email do not overlap can help keep a recipient reading. Test emails on a few devices before setting up an email campaign to go to a recipient list.

Keep Content Concise

If a recipient opens an email and sees line after line of text, they’ll drop the email like a hot brick. Keep email content short and to the point. When necessary, divide out longer excerpts of content into multiple sections.

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Test Out Your Timing

Different sources list varying times of day and days of the week as the most effective point to send out an email list. It is worthwhile to test out different times and days to see what works best for your particular industry. Most experts agree that B2C companies get the most opens between 8pm and 12am, while B2B companies get the best results by sending email campaigns at around 8am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, so try what works best for you and keep track of your results.

Include a Call to Action

Enticing calls to action can go a long way to get clicks through to a website. Without a CTA, readers are often left wondering what comes next for them. Make sure that the CTA is relevant to the content of the email.

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Use Relevant Subject Lines

A subject line should be enticing and prepare readers for the content that they are about to view. If a subject line does not give a recipient a proper introduction to the content, the number of people who will bounce out of the opened email or simply delete the email without opening it increases.

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