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Is SEO the Only Way to Attract Traffic?

Is seo the only way to get website traffic?

SEO is often thought of as the lifeblood of the internet. Without it, it’s difficult to get a website to show up in relevant searches. SEO is extremely important for companies that want to invest in their website for long-term growth; however, people often think that a website without SEO will not be found online. There are loads of different ways to get traffic through a website, and SEO is only one of the tactics that should be factored into a digital marketing strategy. At FirstPage Marketing, we specialize in offering customized marketing plans and services to help our clients excel in their respective industries.

What is Website Traffic and Where Does it Come From?

When marketers talk about website traffic, they are referring to the flow of visitors through a website from various sources. While many of the best websites will receive the highest amount of traffic through search engine optimization, other sources include:

  • Direct traffic – visitors that come from inputting the website URL directly into a browser
  • Paid traffic – visitors that come from pay-per-click campaigns
  • Social traffic – visitors that come from links on social media platforms
  • Referral traffic – visitors that come from other websites

More traffic is usually a good thing, but it is important to differentiate between different quality levels of traffic. The goal of any website is to convert traffic into leads or sales, so the more qualified the traffic is to convert from the moment it enters the website, the better the source of traffic.

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What Are Some Options for Bringing in Website Traffic?

We mentioned the main sources of website traffic, but what are some marketing strategies that can help to bring in website traffic through those sources? Some great ways to bring in website traffic (aside from SEO) include:


In pay-per-click advertising, a website owner pays each time somebody clicks through to their website through an ad. The most popular type of pay-per-click advertising is through search ads, but other methods include remarketing ads, display ads, and social media ads. This system is a great way to bring traffic to a website in a relatively short amount of time.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns can be incredibly effective when it comes to bringing in traffic for a particular service or topic. It’s important to practice good email marketing etiquette, as nobody likes to receive spam, but a well contrived email marketing campaign can serve to get a burst of good website traffic.

Build Backlinks

Building links on relevant websites that connect users to a website can be a great way to funnel through traffic. A good backlinking strategy is also a good way to build healthy SEO, so backlinks end up being doubly useful.

Engage in Social Media

Social media is a great place for a company to engage with its community. A proper social media strategy can help a company to focus on the right goals and take steps to achieve its goals, particularly if one of its goals is to get clicks to its website where traffic can convert.

Off-Line Marketing

Print advertising, radio advertising, television advertising, and other off-line marketing tactics can also help bring in website traffic. By using a simple URL and including it in any marketing project, a company can raise brand awareness and bring more people to its website.

Getting started with the right website strategy can be hard for anyone, which is why having a marketing company with years of experience make recommendations for your strategy can help. Give FirstPage Marketing a call and we can help you get the ball rolling.

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