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Landing Pages: What are they and why are they important?

Digital Marketing29 November 2011
why are landing pages important

A landing page, or lead capture page, is a specific page created on a website for online visitors referred from a search engine result or marketing campaigns, such as online offers, press releases or Pay Per Click advertising. Landing pages are usually specialized and focused on a specific product or service and seek to incite visitors to take action, as motivated by a desired strategic marketing outcome.  Landing pages use search engine optimization to urge visitors to take immediate actions such as buying a product, signing up for a newsletter or registering for a membership.
Two primary types of landing pages exist:

  • A reference landing page – shows information that is pertinent to the visitor
  • A transactional landing page – tries to woo a visitor to complete a transaction with the aim of immediate selling of product or service

Landing pages are easy, flexible and profitable ventures.  By making small but consistent iterations on a landing page design, companies are able to gauge results in a real-time basis and can then make adjustments accordingly.  Effective and influential landing pages are powerful tools that can be added to the company’s Internet marketing strategy to communicate brand values, acquire visitors’ registrations, qualify online customers, as well as boost conversions to ultimately increase business sales and profits.

The success of any online marketing campaign lies heavily on the quantity of online visitors (the number of people visiting the website), and the quality of web traffic (how many of these visitors become valuable customers). Landing pages greatly contribute to the accomplishment of online marketing campaigns by focusing on directing web traffic to the company’s website and increasing web traffic conversions. Many businesses are employing landing pages for their major products as a useful advantage to boost sales and maximize the company’s profits. Pay Per Click advertisers and affiliate marketers use landing pages to attract visitors and drive them to a specific website and ultimately convert them into real buyers.

Landing pages are vital and essential Internet marketing techniques, as they include refined product information that can help retain online visitors, incite them to take precise actions, and consequently convert browsers into paying customers. After clicking links, visitors come to the company’s landing page with specific and definite goal. Landing pages should include relevant information to provide users with the solution to their intended search purpose.

Landing pages have greater marketing advantages over websites’ home pages as they concentrate on a specific product, offer services, and incorporate definite and important information needed for the user’s purchase decision. Large websites cannot encounter several products and be relevant and specific to all of them. Because of this primary function, landing pages are valuable business assets. They represent strategic marketing tools that provide online visitors with customized and focused information designed to strategically convince visitors to take desired actions.

Professionally designed and intelligently crafted landing pages are considered one of the most fundamental and successful marketing tools adopted by many marketers and advertisers to grab a visitor’s attention, motivate them to stay on the website, impact their choices and buying decisions, and urge them to purchase the company’s product or service.

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