Mamele’Awt Qweesome & To’O Housing Society


FirstPage is happy to announce our latest website launch for Mamele’Awt Qweesome & To’O Housing Society (MQHS). The MQHS is a support platform providing safe and affordable housing solutions and a voice for Aboriginal people in need. They have supported hundreds of individuals in the community and provided roofs over the heads of those who need it. We are happy to have been able to work with MQHS to create this great new website for them.

We designed a new interface for MQHS and as part of this project we built the entire MQHS website in WordPress. This gives them the opportunity to expand and control the website as they need. What also makes WordPress so popular is their blogging platform. MQHS can now update their blog with news and information that is important to the community and their partners.

And of course, the website is fully responsive. Whether it is a large monitor or a small phone, the website will adjust to display all the information. Responsive websites help to eliminate the need to update two websites (mobile/desktop) by using scripts to transform the same content to the needs of the device viewing it – very cool.

Check it out:Mamele’Awt Qweesome & To’O Housing Society