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Online Reviews and Why They Matter for Your Business

why online reviews are important

Opinions: everybody has ‘em, and the Internet offers a safe place for anyone to share their opinion free of judgment (okay, maybe it’s not so safe, and maybe there’s some judgment). One of the main beefs that critics of the digital age have brought up is how easy it is for people to spread their opinions and affect businesses’ livelihoods through their shared opinions. Online reviews have a ton of power over whether people will give you their business, so it’s important to get as many good reviews online as possible.

Most people check Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Amazon, Angie’s List, Yelp, Yellow Pages, BBB, SkipTheDishes, and many other sources of online reviews before proceeding with even the smallest of transactions. Whether you have a strong digital presence or not, online reviews matter for your business. At FirstPage Marketing, we are always happy to talk about digital marketing strategies to get more good reviews for your company.

Why Are Online Reviews Important?

Growing up, we’re told not to worry what people think about us. While this can be good advice on a personal level, it doesn’t hold water very well when applied to a business setting. Some reasons you should have a strategy to bring in positive online reviews include:

Getting a Competitive Edge

When people are deciding who to purchase a product from, who to enlist for a service, or where to eat a meal, they often compare their options over online reviews. A company with more reviews or better reviews will usually have a leg up on one with fewer or worse reviews.

Improving Visibility

When determining which company to show for any given search, Google takes reviews into account. Companies with more good reviews show that they can be trusted in the eyes of search engines and will therefore be shown more readily to searchers in their industry.

How do search engines work?

Building Trust

It’s important to appear trustworthy online. Positive reviews from real sources help to improve company image, meaning that the customers who enlist the services of a company are primed for a good experience before they even get started, resulting in more conversions and higher satisfaction.

Build trust and authority with website content.

Getting Feedback

Knowing what you did well and where your customers think you could improve can help you to move forward as a business. If a lot of people are giving the same feedback, it can show you where your attention is needed.

Showing Engagement

Online review systems often offer a way for a company to reply to reviews that have been left. When a company replies to a review, it shows that it cares, and that it is active and engaged with its audience.

If you would like to find out how you can get more positive online reviews for your company, give the team at FirstPage Marketing a call.

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