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What could be better than pouring yourself a cup of coffee, feeling the heat seep through the edges of the mug, warming your hands as you sit down to marvel at the latest and greatest news in digital marketing and web design?

If you're anything like us, nerding out over everything from SEO and content writing to email marketing and website development is your jam. That is why we aspire to provide marketing lovers everywhere with the tastiest informational treats and tidbits about the everchanging, fascinating world of digital marketing and website design.

Here, you will find everything interesting (at least, what we think is interesting) about dabbling in internet marketing. Whether you want to learn more about optimizing a website for search engines or how to properly layout a website page, we strive to provide something for everyone. Scroll down to read some of our latest articles or reach out to us to chat about your favourite topics.

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Responsive Websites for You and Everyone Else

Website Design29 August 2016

By now, it is safe to say that we all have a smartphone in our pocket or a tablet nearby. The popularity of these devices has overtaken desktop computers and...

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Client Spotlight: Tristar Gutters

Client Spotlight26 August 2016

Tristar Gutters has been providing the best quality gutter systems for clients throughout British Columbia for over 30 years. Although our partnership with them is relatively new, it has been...

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Making your website faster

Digital Marketing15 July 2016

Rarely do you stop to think about the speed of a loading website, unless the speed is painfully slow. Images that load seem to take forever to display in the...

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FirstPage & The Scenic Rush Experience

The Team25 May 2016

A couple of years ago, we had the privilege of working with a new Vancouver-based business on their website design and development and marketing strategy to help them get things...

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Writing content for your website

At the heart of a website is the message. This is how people will get to know your business and ultimately choose you over competitors. While images are great (and...

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Why your logo doesn’t have to be big

Website Design4 March 2016

We have all experienced this: you just purchased a great new item for the house and are really excited to get it home and use it. In my case it...

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What is a wireframe?

Website Design13 February 2016

As with any website design and development process, the early stages are full of excitement, brainstorming, and of course strategy. At FirstPage, we focus on a few main goals for...

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The Benefits of Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing5 February 2016

There is no doubt the wide spread of the Internet, its adoption rate and the continuous development of connected user devices has changed the way we do business. The boundaries...

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Onestop Disposal

Client Spotlight12 November 2015

FirstPage has completed another website design and development project: Onestop Disposal provide bin rentals all over the Fraser Valley. The best part is that they offer free pick up...

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Andrew Bracewell

Client Spotlight9 November 2015

Andrew Bracewell has been a client of FirstPage for many years now, and we are pleased to announce his brand new website. Andrew has worked with hundreds of customers over...

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