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What SEO Tactics are No Longer Effective?

Search Engine Optimization30 September 2019
What SEO tactics are no longer effective?

Since the field of search engine optimization is constantly changing and evolving, it is important to keep up with what SEO tactics are no longer effective, as things that used...

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How to Create the Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media24 September 2019
How to create a social media marketing strategy

Knowing how to create the best social media marketing strategy, which is essentially a summary of what you plan to do and hope to achieve on social media, can help...

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Is Your Website Optimized for Conversions?

Is Your Website Optimized for Conversions?

Your website should be generating qualified leads for your business, and better lead generation begins with a website that is properly optimized for conversions. At FirstPage Marketing, we are encouraging...

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What is a Domain Registrar?

Website Hosting19 August 2019
Understanding who your domain registrar is and who is hosting your website

Understanding what a domain registrar is will allow you to provide a website design company with the information needed to launch a new website for your business. As web design...

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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website with Google Posts

How to drive more traffic to your website with Google Posts

Location-based businesses that are looking to stand out online and bring in more customers can benefit from using Google Posts on the Google My Business platform. Since local search results...

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How to Optimize a Blog Article for SEO

How to optimize a blog article for SEO

While posting blog articles on your website on a regular basis can help you address common questions users might have about your industry and encourage users to stay on your...

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How to Get More Google Reviews

Google Reviews19 June 2019
How to get more Google reviews

One of the most important entities for local search engine optimization is a well-optimized Google My Business listing or listings depending on the number of physical locations a business has....

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The Importance of Writing Quality Website Content

Content Writing7 June 2019
The importance of writing quality website content

Writing quality content for your website is an affordable investment that can lead to significant results in search engine rankings, while also allowing you to establish a trusted line of...

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How to SEO Your Website for Bing

How to SEO Your Website for Bing

Even though Google is still the largest search engine and most search engine optimization guides tend to focus specifically on ranking for Google, Bing has continued to gain popularity over...

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The Benefits of HTTP/2 Websites

Web Security7 May 2019
the benefits of http/2 websites

Switching to HTTP/2 is a fairly straightforward performance-driven option that can significantly improve site speed and create a more secure user experience. As experts in digital marketing, we understand the...

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