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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website with Google Posts

Location-based businesses that are looking to stand out online and bring in more customers can benefit from using Google Posts on the Google My Business platform. Since local search results can be extremely competitive, knowing how to drive more traffic to your website with Google Posts can give you a leg up over the competition. As digital marketing experts, we…

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How to Optimize a Blog Article for SEO

While posting blog articles on your website on a regular basis can help you address common questions users might have about your industry and encourage users to stay on your website for longer periods of time, taking a few extra steps to optimize your blog articles for search engine optimization can make your work go much further. As a digital…

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How to Get More Google Reviews

One of the most important entities for local search engine optimization is a well-optimized Google My Business listing or listings depending on the number of physical locations a business has. This is because Google’s Local 3-Pack (also known as “map pack”) almost always displays above organic search results on both the mobile and desktop SERP (search engine results page). Having…

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The Importance of Writing Quality Website Content

Writing quality content for your website is an affordable investment that can lead to significant results in search engine rankings, while also allowing you to establish a trusted line of communication with your customers. Even though website content can take many forms—blog posts, articles, or whitepapers—posting relevant and useful information can help prospective customers see you as an expert in…

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How to SEO Your Website for Bing

Even though Google is still the largest search engine and most search engine optimization guides tend to focus specifically on ranking for Google, Bing has continued to gain popularity over the years, becoming the second most favoured search engine on the Internet. Since Bing gets the second highest amount of search traffic and also powers Yahoo, optimizing your website for…

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The Benefits of HTTP/2 Websites

Switching to HTTP/2 is a fairly straightforward performance-driven option that can significantly improve site speed and create a more secure user experience. As experts in digital marketing, we understand the benefits of HTTP/2 websites and how making this simple switch can drastically improve user experience on any website by increasing the efficiency of communications between browsers and servers, leading to…

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5 Keys to Developing a High-Performance Landing Page

As digital marketing experts, we understand how developing a high-performance landing page can make a huge impact on lead generation and can be the difference between a successful inbound marketing strategy and an unsuccessful one. If you are thinking about building a landing page for your next campaign, follow this list of 5 keys to developing a high-performance landing page…

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What is the Difference Between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?

While many people tend to think that all things search engine optimization (SEO) related fall under one category, there are actually two very distinct branches of SEO that need to be addressed in order to properly optimize a website: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. As a digital marketing company that offers a range of search engine optimization services, we understand…

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How Often Should You Publish Blog Articles on Your Website?

Consistently publishing new blog articles can be an integral part of search engine optimization and driving organic traffic to your website and generating new solid business leads. While there is no magic frequency for how often you should publish blog articles on your website, there are a few factors that you should consider that will help you determine the right…

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5 Ways to Boost Local Search Engine Rankings

Properly utilizing local on-page and off-page search engine optimization strategies can help your business stay ahead of the competition and make it easy for potential customers to find your local business online. As a local web design and digital marketing company, we understand how important local SEO is to small and medium-businesses. That is why our team of search marketing…

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