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Website Security: Protecting Your Website and Server

Web Security17 January 2018
Protect your website and server

By design, web servers and websites work to create a window between a company’s network and the world. Yet, while this window works to create a connection between hosts and users, these windows can also open up websites and servers to a wide range of security risks.

At FirstPage Marketing, our team of Internet marketing professionals know that taking care when it comes to server maintenance, website application updates, and website coding can help manage the size of the window being opened to the world. Managing this window will limit the kind of information passing through it, which in turn will establish a higher level of website security.

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Website Security

One of the easiest ways for hackers to disrupt website security is through the vulnerabilities of communicating with visitors, as each interaction creates a potential website security vulnerability. Some of the most common types of website interaction include:

  • Loading a new page containing dynamic content
  • Searching for a product or location
  • Filling out a contact form
  • Searching the site content
  • Using a shopping cart
  • Creating an account
  • Logging in to an account

While correctly written website code will only allow a narrow range of commands or information to pass through these types of website interaction, chances are that the code on your website might not live up to these standards. In most cases, websites are coded by a variety of programmers and end up running software from a range of different sources, making it hard to ensure that all of the website’s code is working as it should. Code that is not correctly written is not always easy to find, but it may be exactly what hackers are looking for to gain access to your website.

At FirstPage Marketing, we know that it takes highly trained programmers a long time to learn to write code that only allows expected data to pass, while also disallowing any unexpected or potentially harmful data. That is why we only work with the best programmers for our website design services, so that we can do everything in our power to ensure that our clients’ websites are safe against potential website security risks.

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Web Server Security

While the most secure type of web server is one that has few open ports and few services, this just is not an option for most companies these days. All of the powerful and flexible applications that are required to run complex websites are subject to more web security issues. This is because any system with multiple ports or multiple services offers more points of entry which can be difficult to maintain and watch all at once. The best way to help prevent hackers from gaining access through one of these vulnerabilities is to ensure that security patches and application updates are performed on a regular basis.

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Website Security Defense Strategy

When protecting a website and server against hackers, there are two main defense strategies you can take. The first strategy would be to assign all of the resources needed to maintain constant alert to new website security issues. This means ensuring that all patches and updates are done right away, all existing applications are reviewed for correct security, and that only security knowledgeable programmers work on the site and that all of their work is double checked by a security professional. This first strategy also calls for maintaining a tight firewall, antivirus protection, and running IPS/IDS.

The second strategy would be to use a web scanning solution to test existing equipment, applications, and website code to check for any known vulnerabilities that could be of potential harm. Rather than focusing solely on using a firewall, antivirus, and IPS/IDS to protect the website from harm, this strategy works to repair actual risks instead of leaving them in place and trying to build a wall or protection around them. Network and website vulnerability scanning can be one of the most efficient security investments for any type of company.

Protecting your website and server from potentially risks does not have to be an overwhelming process, and it does not have to be something that you tackle alone. At FirstPage Marketing, our professional team of digital marketing specialists can help you create a more secure website and server. If you would like to learn more about website security or about protecting your website and server, please contact us today.

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