Seeing The World Through Your Customer’s Glasses

Design is often a very personal thing.  People seem to instinctively know what they like, what they dislike, what looks pretty and what qualifies as “good” design.  From a young age, we are trained to form our own opinions.  Parents reason that this instils a sense of valued independence within their children. Unfortunately, this bias poses a potential issue, hindering our ability to make educated decisions and causing us to overlook important facts – in turn, dismissing good ideas from others.

We know that the goal of our clients is to inspire some kind of response from a particular target audience.  That action could be a purchase, a registration, a post, or a click.  Regardless, the goal of good marketing is driven by a desire to see a result for your efforts.  It’s not about opinions, preferences, or trends; it’s about what will make things happen.  Though many business owners are well aligned with their target audience, it’s important to realize that this isn’t necessarily always the case – that everyone is often not like you.

At FirstPage, when we undergo initiating a re-branding dialogue, we seek first to understand this target audience.  Who are they and why should they be interested in this company?  We ask the stakeholders, “Would this resonate with your customers?”  We want to make sure that the decisions made at the brand-level of a company are justified and appropriate for the audience that will be encountering the brand on a day-to-day basis.  Without justification, decisions are made subjectively, based on personal opinion, and are formed out of fear, habit, pressure, etc.  Good business and creative minds are able to provide more valuable justification for a their decisions.

Operating with this target-audience mindedness allows you to see your company from a new perspective.  Though not necessarily easy, taking a step outside of your normal frame of reference will open the door to develop more effective and engaging marketing and will help you successfully connect with your following in a deeper way.

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