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The Difference Between National and Regional SEO

national vs regional seo

There are so many different types of search engine optimization that it can be easy to get confused when planning out your website’s strategy for bringing in traffic. Attempting to understand the jargon and concepts of the world of SEO can often leave you feeling like you’ve been playing a sport when you don’t know the rules. You might score occasionally, but you have no idea how it happened, what constitutes a foul, who is off-sides, or why you are getting a penalty.

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Whether you work on your own SEO or somebody else runs it for you, a basic understanding of the terminology and tactics associated with SEO can ensure that you are as informed about your digital presence as possible. One of the areas where people often get confused about variations in SEO types is when differentiating between national and regional SEO. It is important to know how each type of SEO can bring success to a website so that the right strategy is implemented. At FirstPage Marketing, we always want to ensure that our clients are informed about how their SEO work is rolled out so that we can work together to get the best results possible.

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What’s the Difference Between National and Regional SEO?

When working on search engine optimization for a website, it is important to determine the geographic area you want to focus on. Having a realistic expectation of where you want to win at SEO can mean the difference between success and failure. The world is a big place, and your company is likely to have a lot of competition out there. Two of the ways of breaking down a geographic focus for SEO include looking at it from a national and regional level. The difference between these two concentrations is mostly found in the scope of the area that they each cover. National SEO typically refers to the capability of a website to show up on search engine results pages across an entire country (such as all of Canada), while regional SEO tends to deal with much smaller areas.

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Regional SEO is not necessarily defined and could range from a very local focus (such as a community within a municipality) to a large chunk of a country (such as Southwest Canada); however, regional SEO typically still has a defined area wherein it strives for results. The smaller this area is, the easier it usually is to get results. If a digital property needs to appeal to the majority of a nation, it is possible to use a regional SEO strategy that breaks down into smaller regions rather than tackling the entire country using generic keywords and page content.

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Which Type of Geographic SEO Strategy is Best?

The best type of geographic SEO strategy will vary depending on the goals of a company, the area in which they operate, how long they have been operating, and their industry and competition. A company that only works in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia would not gain much from a national SEO strategy, but if that company wants to expand across the country and their competition is not too thick, they could benefit from national SEO.

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If you want to get started with the right kind of geographic SEO strategy for your company, FirstPage Marketing is here to help. We work with all sizes of companies and would love to learn more about your desired area of impact.

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