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Website Copywriting Services: How a Copywriter Can Help

Website Design28 June 2017
Why your website needs a copywriter

Take a moment and imagine that your company is about to launch an exciting new website. You have partnered with a web design and development agency and you and your team are proud of the final product. You even put in the extra effort to write all of your own content because no one knows your brand better than you do. Yet, after all of that hard work, your website is struggling to rank well amongst competitors on search engines. What do you do?

At FirstPage Marketing, it is not uncommon for us to work closely with our clients on building their new websites, only to have them insist that they write their own content. While writing your own content might seem like a great way to save money, most people do not realize how much work actually goes into copyediting an entire website. To some, hiring a copywriter might seem like a frivolous expense, but the truth of the matter is that a copywriter can actually add a lot of value to your website and create a better return on investment for your company, as they will know how to implement search engine optimization best practices.

The Sales Pitch

Everyone who has ever surfed the Internet has come across those pesky websites with their in-your-face ads and over-the-top sales pitch. Those websites always feel pushy and unwelcoming, but what else are you supposed to do when you only have 10 seconds to convince a visitor on your website that your company, product, or services are worth exploring?
Having a professional copywriter work on your website content can significantly improve your odds of having a customer choose your company over one of your competitors. A professional copywriter will know what messages and words are essential to drive sales and what information to hold back on. They will also make sure that your content is properly structured and staggered to create clarity and emotional resonance with your intended audience.

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The Personal Touch

One of the best advantages of having a professional copywriter work on your website content is that they understand how to create a valuable connection with your target audience. Getting your customers to care enough about your brand to keep reading and take action is becoming increasingly difficult. A talented, well-trained copywriter can turn your internet marketing message into a story that you want to have told. They can take all the nitty-gritty little details and transform them into interesting and enjoyable to read content. No matter what type of tone (conversational, informal, or promotional), an experienced copywriter can provide you with content that is relevant to your audience, which will help result in more site visits and sales.

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Writing Objectively

One of the hardest things for any business owner to do is to write objectively about their own company and brand. This is because you know everything there is to know about your products, and you are excited to share that information with your customers. The only problem is that your customers usually do not have any interest in all the little bits and pieces. They tend to only care about what you can do for them.

A copywriter can see the big picture, which means that they can take all the features that you are close to and turn them into benefits that impress your website’s visitors. Experienced copywriters are extremely good at jumping in and out of other people’s perspectives. It is their job to research your audience, write your content, and rewrite your content until it effectively sends the right brand message, delivered in a crystal clear and cohesive manner. They will also know how to write for search engines and humans in order to help more people find your website online.

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Working With a Digital Marketing Company

Choosing to work with a digital marketing company to build your brand or your website allows you to lay the groundwork together. This groundwork is the means to which your digital marketing company’s copywriter or copywriting team will learn everything there is to know about your brand.

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At FirstPage Marketing, our copywriting team loves helping our clients take on the challenge of building the perfect website brand and content tone. If you would like to learn more about how a copywriter can help your business, or if you would like our professional copywriting team to help with your website content, please contact us today. To us, there is nothing more exciting than seeing your customers connect with your brand through our content.

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