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Website Trends for 2013

website trends for 2013

2012 was a fantastic year.  As more and more digital devices flooded into the hands of people, young and old, technology continued to evolve to meet the needs of the users themselves.  In 2013, we look forward to more exciting developments, and anticipate seeing the following trends take a defining role in businesses’ digital marketing strategies.

1) The web will become more simple

In the past, business owners saw their web presence as a dumping ground for all sorts of material.  The over-availability of resources and incredible amounts of depth led the websites to new levels of complexity and users to a state of confusion.  In light of the new mobile reality, people will put more thought and consideration into whether the content and design is really helpful to the end user.

2) Messaging will focus on answering the ‘why’

In a culture that is often overwhelmed with marketing messages, ad impressions and businesses vying for minds and eyes, we expect to see more people start to focus on answering the ‘why’ in 2013.  Not just saying what they do, or even how they do it, but honing in on why they do it – why they’re in business.  Answering this question honestly is a deeply emotional task.  When done right, businesses will stand out from the crowd and customers will notice.

3) Websites will become more intuitive

With the increasing popularity of touch screen devices, people will need to consider the different impact of touches and swipes, instead of mouse clicking.  Interfaces will necessarily adapt, especially with respect to button size and navigation tactics.  In addition, many will notice the new trend of long page length (touted by Nest, Apple and others) and will seek to adopt this swipeable layout style.
Those are our thoughts.  But what do you think? Will these ideas go mainstream, or will other hot topics bubble to the surface?

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