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What Are Some Easy Ways to Quickly Improve SEO?

easy ways to quickly improve SEO

If you have a website, practicing search engine optimization is a great way to maintain your property’s value and invest in improvements that can bring more business your way. At FirstPage Marketing, we often get asked about quick and easy ways to improve SEO for a website, as everybody wants to get their website to the top of search results for their industry.

While there are a variety of things you can do right away to improve your website’s SEO, the reality is that it might take several months to start reaping the benefits of your work. By its nature, SEO is a long-term marketing scheme. Search engines take a while to reindex websites and gaining traction over other websites for relevant searches takes time and steady work. If you were to build the most responsive and optimized website in the world and launch it tomorrow, it would still take quite a while to see results come through over SEO, and regular monthly work would still be recommended to keep the ball rolling. With that said, there are plenty of ways to get the momentum started!

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Quick Tips to Improve SEO

Although it is worthwhile to engage in monthly SEO work to improve website rankings, there are some quick changes that can be made to a website to set it up for ongoing SEO improvements. Some tips to get started with SEO include:

Install Google Search Console

Many websites already have Google Analytics installed (if not, this is a super valuable tool and it should be installed), but not many websites use Google Search Console. This tool works hand in hand with Google Analytics to offer better reporting on what leads users through to a website. Beyond better reporting and updates on issues that might need to be fixed for better indexing, Google Search Console allows website owners to submit sitemaps and individual links for Google to crawl.

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Update Sitemap

A sitemap is a file that details what can be found on a website and how it is organized and the relationships between various website files. It makes it easier for search engines to determine what is important on a website and what to classify the business as for searches. Sitemaps should be updated regularly and, when a website has not had SEO work done in a while, it is common for a sitemap to become out-of-date.

Update Heading Structures and Content Hierarchies

Search engines use a specific system to crawl through content and index it. Headings should use proper keyword mapping and prioritization in order to make it easier for Google to determine which keywords matter most. Using proper heading hierarchies can help to ensure your website is not cannibalizing itself for keywords and that headings support the main goals of each page.

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Update Meta Details

Meta tags, meta description, and meta titles all refer to content that appears to search engines, but do not appear on a webpage itself. In their essence, they are the descriptions that can be written manually to tell search engines what a page is about before a crawler assesses the content. While they are not a substitute for good content, they can supplement well written website copy to improve SEO rankings.

If you would like to get started with your initial SEO push to get your website up to snuff with search engine standards, call the team at FirstPage Marketing. We are always ready to help!

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