What Are The New Google Enhanced Campaigns And Why Do They Matter?


The year 2000 marked a break in marketing history when Google launched the first ever self-serve online advertising platform, Google AdWords, and now they’re out to do it again!

Google AdWords was a huge advancement in online advertising, however mobile devices have grown exponentially since then and once again has changed the way of advertising. Google has been racing to try and keep up with these evolving technologies and in early 2013 they really hit the mark! Google launched its largest update since AdWords itself – Google Enhanced Campaigns. The new Enhanced Campaigns bridge the gap between devices; not only letting you advertise across all devices but also giving businesses the ability to modify their ads based on the user’s device type, the time of day, or even the user’s location (proximity to your business).

As a business owner, you have probably experienced the challenges of trying to accommodate to all different devices and platforms within the same marketing budget. Previously, a business would have to create separate campaigns if they wished to advertise on both desktops and mobile devices. This made it extremely difficult to properly accommodate to different customer types, maintain consistency in your marketing strategy, and accurately allocate your marketing budget to online advertising as a whole.

Now, with Google’s Enhanced Campaigns, you can create one single campaign that runs across all devices and can be modified to accommodate different segments. This will not only be much more efficient, saving businesses time by not having to create multiple campaigns, but it will be more cost-effective, allowing businesses to further segment their target. This also opens up more opportunity for small, local businesses to target customers who are searching for certain services in their area.

If you’re new to Google AdWords or haven’t yet upgraded your account to an Enhanced Campaign, contact FirstPage Marketing at 604-866-2230.  We have helped dozens of businesses set up their new Enhanced Online Campaigns and would be more than happy to help you out!

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