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What is Custom Web Development?

What is custom web development?

While most people tend to think that having a custom website designed for their business purely focuses on the overall aesthetics, website design is only half of the process of building a new website. Custom web development—the other half of the process—is where the artistic ideas are transformed into a fully functioning website.

Working closely with a team of web design and development experts can provide a range of benefits that will help your website and brand gain a competitive edge online. If you are debating whether or not have a custom website designed is in your best interests, we can help you make an informed decision.

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What is Custom Web Development & How Does it Work?

Custom web development is the process in which a unique website is built, created, and maintained in order to allow the website to properly load for everyone, no matter what system or browser is being used to view the website. Web development is also the system that processes eCommerce transactions, collects leads, downloads digital documents, etc. Some of the different aspects of web development include:

Frontend Development

Frontend development focuses on the code that creates the functional elements on the website that users interact with, such as image carousels, slide-out menus, and contact forms. These elements can either make or break a website, depending on how well they are thought out and built.

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Backend Development

The backend of a website is made up of a series of complex codes that work to control the entire website without ever being seen by users. Essentially, a website’s backend development is the driving force, as it works to support everything from the website’s content to the integration of third-party applications.

eCommerce Development

Custom eCommerce development allows businesses to add custom solutions to their online stores in order to increase revenues while still being able to use their preferred database. eCommerce solutions can be customized to directly integrate into all kinds of content management systems, making it easier to manage an online store.

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Why Invest in Custom Web Development?

While most users will only ever notice the overall look and layout of a website, the website’s compatibility, loading time, and features will provide the deciding factors in whether or not the website is profitable and successful in the long run. Some of the reasons that you should consider investing in having a custom website designed and developed for your business include:

1. Tailormade Look and Feel

No two businesses are exactly alike. Having a website custom developed for your business will allow the website to be tailormade to suit the brand, products, services, and company as a whole, making it easier to target a specific audience. Web development can be used to change everything from the layout to the colours and fonts being used in order to better enhance a business’ online brand.

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2. Enhances User Experience

One of the greatest advantages of having a website custom developed is that it will allow you to provide potential customers with a much more user-friendly experience. While the website is being developed, you will have the opportunity to make any changes to the website’s layout or navigation structure in order to ensure that the website will suit not only the business’ needs but also the needs of your target market. A custom website can also be periodically updated—whenever necessary—after it has been launched.

3. Improved Functionality

Having a website custom built will make it easier to optimize its overall functionality and design, which can help reduce loading times. Since a website’s loading time can mean the difference between gaining or losing a customer, it is important to talk to your web developer about how to best eliminate any unnecessary elements on the website that might be slowing it down.

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4. Allows for Third-Party Integration

An experienced web developer will be able to easily integrate well-established third-party applications and widgets into a custom website. This can be extremely beneficial as it will help cut down on the overall time and cost of development, while also allowing existing systems—Google Maps, Shopify, social apps, etc.—that people use on a regular basis to be incorporated into the website’s design.

Having a website custom designed and developed can provide your business with a competitive advantage online. To learn more about what custom web development is and how it can benefit your business, get in touch with our web design and development experts today.

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