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What is Evergreen Content?

what is evergreen content

Investing in creating evergreen content that will bring visitors to your website or social media platforms can have a compounding return on investment over time. Unlike some kinds of content that have a shelf life, regardless of how well written and engaging the pieces are, evergreen content continues to bring in viewers and to provide value long after a piece has been published.

While most people tend to think of blog articles when they think of evergreen content, there are many different ways you can incorporate evergreen content into your marketing efforts. To help you create the ideal evergreen content for your unique business needs, we have put together some helpful information on what evergreen content is, why it’s important, and how you can create evergreen content for your website and other marketing campaigns.

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What is Considered Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content focuses on covering topics that will not only engage your audience but will also serve a specific purpose like answering a common question related to your industry. By covering topics that are not tied to current events or something specific to a moment in time, the content will remain fresh for a longer period, increasing the likelihood that visitors will continue to read your content long after it is first published.

While there might be increases or decreases in interest over time, evergreen content is not impacted by seasonality and there will always be an audience that wants to consume the information about the topic you have written on. Some of the different types of evergreen content include:

  • How-to guides
  • Reviews
  • Listicles
  • Tips
  • FAQs
  • Glossaries
  • Q&As

Why is Evergreen Content Important?

Evergreen content is the gift that keeps on giving. Some of the main benefits of evergreen content include:

  1. Ranks higher on search engines—Evergreen content has the potential to rank higher on search engines because it focuses on hitting the right keywords while also providing visitors with long-form, high-quality informative content that they can refer back to time and time again.
  2. Drives traffic to your website—Since evergreen content has the potential to rank higher on search engines, it also has a higher chance of driving more traffic to your website on a regular basis because users are more likely to click on links towards the top of a search engine’s results page (SERP).
  3. Allows for more backlinks—The more informative and credible a piece of writing is the greater the chance that other websites will use that piece of writing as a resource. This means that evergreen pieces can generate more backlinks from other sites which, in turn, can help your evergreened piece rank even higher on SERPs.
  4. Provides greater value—Since evergreen pieces are designed to remain relevant for a long time, they will continue to provide value to your target audience and your business years after you spent the time and money to originally produce the content.
  5. Generates leads—Having content that is able to rank higher on SERPs can help your business attract more visitors and increase the odds of them converting into actual customers.
  6. Sets your business apart—By writing evergreen content that focuses on topics that are related to your business and industry, search engines and visitors will see your business as an industry leader.

How to Create Evergreen Content

If you are new to writing evergreen content, the following steps will help you get started on creating the right kind of content for your business:

1. Determine What Your Audience Wants to Know

When writing evergreen content for your business, make sure to focus on topics that relate to your audience’s needs or the questions they want answered. Since good website content revolves around keywords, the first step is to figure out what topics are relevant to your business and how those topics can help your audience. Once you have specific topics and keywords in mind, make sure to look into which keywords trend well and have a high search volume on SERPs, so that you can ensure your published content will reach as many viewers as possible.

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2. Create Content that Provides a Solution or Answer

When it comes to writing evergreen content, it is extremely important to ensure that your piece provides your audience with exactly what they need to solve their problem. Don’t try to outsmart a search engine’s algorithm by writing content that barely covers the topic and is stuffed full of keywords. Instead, focus on writing clear, well-put-together content that will not only help build trust in your brand but will also encourage visitors to come back.

It is also important to avoid mentioning times or dates that could pin your content to specific time period, as doing so could change the way that users view your content on a SERP and could potentially prevent them from clicking through to your site and reading your content.

3. Revisit Your Content to Keep it Fresh

One of the biggest parts of writing evergreen content is maintaining it. Don’t just leave your content once it’s been published. Instead, continue to reuse and update it over time to help drive new waves of visitors to your website. Keeping your evergreen content fresh can be as simple as updating the links on the page, adding new information, or reposting it on your social media channels.

Is evergreen content the right choice for your business? Chances are that it can help improve your company’s reach and make you an industry leader in the eyes of both visitors and search engines. If you would like to learn more about adding evergreen content to your website, we would love to help. Get in touch with our professional team today!

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