What is online marketing?

Many people think that online marketing is all about having a good looking website. Maybe if you have a cool, “flat” design website your phone won’t stop ringing? Or they put all their eggs in the SEO basket and wait for the sales to skyrocket. But, the reality is, there are many spokes to the digital marketing wheel and to get it rolling successfully and start seeing results you need to have a well rounded strategy. That’s why, when working with our clients, we look at all the possible angles to achieve success, whether it is content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing or pay-per-click advertising, to name a few. It’s great to have a good looking website, but in the digital space, performance comes from the inside out.

Bring On The Traffic

In order to have potential customers see your website, they first need to see something that will guide them to it. It can be a link, or a display ad or anything that points to your site. This can come from social media, an organic search (through Google or Bing), or a paid advertisement somewhere on the web. These things are what generate traffic to your site.

What’s Under The Hood?

If you purchased a brand new car that looked fantastic but didn’t have an engine in it, what good would it be to you? It is nothing more than a lawn ornament. This is the philosophy that you should adopt when approaching online marketing. What will drive traffic to your site? Once you have that, let the site do the work and generate real leads.

If you don’t know where to start with your digital marketing or you have a website with minimal traffic, give us a call. We have lots of experience working with a diversity of industries and unique situations. We’d love to partner with you for real success.

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