Web Logo Design

Why your logo doesn’t have to be big


We have all experienced this: you just purchased a great new item for the house and are really excited to get it home and use it. In my case it was a fridge. It arrived from the courier and my wife and I got it upstairs and opened the box. The fridge is big, shiny, and also sports a big and shiny manufacturer’s logo. Now every time someone grabs something from the fridge they have to stare at the epic branding. How intrusive! Big logos are everywhere and we all feel the negative effects.

Yes, your Logo is important and you should be proud of it

Logos can be costly and sometimes take years to develop. Often a logo is the cornerstone of a brand. For smaller companies, the logo can even begin to represent the people behind the company. At FirstPage, we understand the importance of a logo. You should be proud of it — but it doesn’t always have to be big!

How a big logo reduces your website’s performance

Being proud of your logo doesn’t mean you should always make it the focal point of your marketing message. When a user comes to your website they have 3 goals:


  1. I want to see the products or services
  2. I want to learn about the product or service
  3. I want to buy this product or service

The goals of your website should align with the viewer’s goals.owner-flow-inline-image

  1. You want to show your products or services
  2. You want to explain and show your products or services
  3. You want to sell your products or service

It is hard to tell where a big, and bold logo will facilitate the goals of both the viewer and the business.

The purpose of a logo on a website

A logo on a website acts as a location identifier. A logo is like a sign hanging out front of a business. It tells the potential client they are in the right place. It means the viewer will trust the information they find. Logos will often function as a button that leads the viewer back to the home page. Sometimes this is the reason our clients want large logos. The goals of the website suddenly shift:

  1. This is who we are! Look at our logo (on every single page).
  2. You can trust us! Look at our logo (on every single page).
  3. Browse our site…please.

A big logo only acts as a distraction, taking up precious space in an area of the website that is always seen.

Increase your website’s leads and traffic

There is a time and place for big and bold logos. At FirstPage, we’ve discovered that using large logos in re-marketing campaigns help drive traffic back to your website. If you’re interested in increasing traffic to your existing website, contact us about a re-marketing campaign. Let’s get the conversation started.