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Writing content for your website

writing content for your website

At the heart of a website is the message. This is how people will get to know your business and ultimately choose you over competitors. While images are great (and beautiful), a website full of images can be slow and doesn’t always tell the full story. Writing content for your website is the essence that helps it stand out from the competition and bring in the leads!

Why is content important?

People say that a picture says a thousands words. While this can be true in some cases, it doesn’t mean that the stock image you purchased for your website is going to tell a different story from your competitor’s image. Content can differentiate and add value on other levels, especially content that utilizes search engine optimization best practices.

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For Google

When Google ranks websites on their search results, they take into consideration a number of different factors. One of these factors is the text content on the website. Google analyses pages as closely as they can to a human being, but they can’t understand images. If they reach a page that is low in content and full of images, they will have difficulty understanding it and will most likely allocate a “lower quality score”. By having sufficient, accurate text content on your website you not only end up providing valuable information for humans, but can help to improve search engine optimization because keywords will naturally appear in this content.

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For humans

As we said, content helps to differentiate you from your competitor. When somebody is reviewing your website, they are likely to read about your products and services. They are looking for reasons to choose you, so give it to them! This is your opportunity to give them what they are looking for and sell them before they have even picked up the phone or hit submit on a web form.

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Writing the content

This is where most of our clients get stuck. They understand why they need text content, but don’t know how to write it. You don’t have to be a professional writer to produce great content. Just get your business’ natural tone of voice and speak to them as if you were having a conversation.

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Tone of voice

Your tone of voice is how your words come across. Is your brand fun and playful or serious and on point? The way you talk to a customer on the phone or in person should match how you speak online. A gap in this can provide confusion. Use similar language and words you would in person and explain any industry slang you use. A consistent experience from web to sale is a good experience.

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What you say

Here is the core of it. You should write text content as if you were having a conversation with a customer. Start at the top of your sales pitch and run through it. Think of what you say and put it on the website! It may need to be adjusted as there is no running dialogue, but you can anticipate common questions and provide information that people are usually looking for. While reading through your product or service page, the user is naturally arriving at questions they had in their head or ones they hadn’t thought of. A well written website should increase credibility and trust. When you are preparing to write text content, ask yourself these simple questions:

  • What is the product/service? (Simple, basic description)
  • What are common questions that customers ask? (Anticipate these in a paragraph or FAQ format)
  • Why should the customer choose you? What is your advantage?

At its simplest, you are providing potential customers with the information they are looking for. Save them the effort of calling the business to find out a simple detail. That could be more work than they want to invest and they might go elsewhere to get that information. Provide them with enough information, but withhold those details you may not want competitors to know (i.e. pricing for certain industries).

If your website is in need of a text content improvement to send the right message contact FirstPage Marketing. We will help you produce healthy content that improves search engine rankings and communicates effectively to potential customers which result in more leads!

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