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Print isn’t dead—far from it! At FirstPage, we haven’t forgotten our roots. Everything in the digital sphere is somewhat based on classical design theories. While we are experts in digital marketing performance, we’re also highly skilled in print marketing. Most of us in the office still sniff the boxes of printed material when they first show up from the press. Brand Marketing

Branding is a term that gets thrown around a lot when you talk with marketing companies. You get to hear a lot about 7-step branding processes, brand pyramids, unique value propositions, and much more. But we’re not like that. We believe brand is a conversation coupled with time spent researching and more researching, conversations, coffee, and then some more research and conversations.

Brand Identities

Whatever it is that sets your business apart from the competition, you need to be able to deliver your brand message to the market in a consistent and highly effective way. At FirstPage Marketing, we can help you formulate carefully constructed messaging that takes into account your mission, vision, target audience, and desired outcomes.

Logo Design

At FirstPage, we understand the importance of a professional looking logo. A well-designed logo builds trust and it can help your company stand out from the competition. We can help you take your current logo and breath new life into it.

We help you update your current logo

Your company has morphed, but the old brand is still in place. Excitement within the company is building because of some sort of revival – a new mission statement, a new leadership, or perhaps a new business development. Yet, the company sign is faded and feels out-dated. No one in the company is using the logoed pens. Hey, we know how you feel! And that is why we love helping companies that have had a shift in culture. We want to help breath new life into your already existing brand.

Updated to match your current company culture

We know that our job is listening and then helping with the visual change. We’re not here to tell you how to change, you already have! We’re just excited to take the energy and momentum of your company and infuse that into an updated logo – and maybe even do the letterhead, too!

Print Design

We have experience in producing high quality print material in the following areas:

  • Newspaper and magazine ads (We love column inches, picas, web-presses, and newsprint)
  • Brochures (We love tri-folds, quad-folds, single cuts, rack cards...if it can be fit in a rack we’ve tried it.)
  • Presentations (Good ol' Power Point and Keynote)
  • Direct mail (Some call it junk mail, we call it laser targeted pieces of informative mail that drives sales and awareness)
  • Catalogue design (Lots of products laid out in a grid system on several pages – yes please!)

Have a question about brand identity or print design? Check out our frequently asked marketing questions page.

Print & Design

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