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Capitalizing on marketing your business from all angles.
Reach offline customers.

Utilize print marketing techniques to reach more potential customers.

Build a stronger brand.

Use a well-designed logo to build trust with consumers.

Messaging that sells.

Deliver your brand message to the market in a consistent and highly effective way.

Get noticed by customers.

Show off what makes you different from competitors: your business’ unique personality.

Sell your products and services .

Provide potential customers with printed materials that are easy to read.

Target local customers.

Through direct-mail, door hangers, and other techniques that still work, you can connect with local customers in your communities.

Brand Advertising

Create stronger brand awareness, using a range of different platforms.
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It’s so wonderful having our website fully integrated into a responsive site, thanks to FirstPage Marketing. The site is much easier to navigate and we have received many compliments about the new look and ease of navigation. Thanks FirstPage Marketing.

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Sevenoaks Shopping Centre

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"I'd recommend FirstPage Marketing."
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Raising the bar
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Raising the bar
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Frequently Asked Print Design Questions.

What does a print designer do?

Print designers work to conceptualize and design a final product that will then be printed onto physical materials, such as paper, plastic, vinyl, cloth, etc. By using digital design programs, a print designer can properly plan out how the finished product will look before it is printed.

Is print design the same as graphic design?

Graphic design can be used for both digital and printed materials. While graphic designers will usually design in a digital form by using a computer, graphic design can be used to create designs that will be printed on a physical material.

What are some examples of print design?

Print design can be used to create a wide range of printed materials that can be used in conjunction with digital marketing to help better promote your business to a wider target audience. Some of the different types of print design you can utilize for your business include:

  • Business cards
  • Branded packaging
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Signage
  • Billboards
  • Stationary
  • Car wraps

How do you make a good print design?

In order to make a print design look good, a designer will create the layout while keeping a few key things in mind:

  • Limit the colour palette to one main colour and a couple of complementary colours to create a more cohesive design.
  • Give each element room to breathe by utilizing whitespace whenever possible.
  • Avoid using borders, if possible, or provide lots of space between the border and other elements.
  • Only use high resolution or vector artwork.
  • Take into account the colour of the paper or material the graphics will be printed on.
  • Design for the printing process by incorporating trim marks and bleeds.

What is print design layout?

Print design layout is the process of arranging textual and visual elements in a visually appealing way that will clearly communicate the information being presented, as well as grab a reader's attention.

Custom Designed Print Products for Your Business Needs.

Print Design

Produce high-quality print materials.

There are few things better in life then sniffing freshly printed materials when they first show up from the press. We would know. We have a lot of experience in producing high-quality print materials for a wide range of mediums—and then sniffing them.

  • Newspaper and magazine ads (We love column inches, picas, web-presses, and newsprint)
  • Brochures (We love trifolds, quad-folds, single cuts, rack cards. If it fits in a rack, we’ve tried it)
  • Presentations (Good ol’ PowerPoint and Keynote)
  • Direct mail (Some call it junk mail. We call it laser targeted pieces of informative mail)
  • Catalogue design (Lots of products laid out in a grid system on several pages? Um…yes, please!)

Print Marketing

Brand marketing made simple.

Most people today tend to think that print is dead as a doornail, over and done with, completely outdated, and that you would need to be a mad scientist to bring print back to life. But those people would be wrong. Print marketing isn’t like the laser disc, it is a tangible form of marketing that can still inspire the same brand loyalty as online advertising—plus it comes with the irresistible scent of freshly printed ink.

While branding, 7-step branding processes, brand pyramids, and unique value propositions are terms that tend to get thrown around a lot by marketing companies, we promise we won’t bog down the conversation with heavy-handed buzz words. Instead, we will couple our conversation about your brand with time spent researching, coffee, more researching, more coffee, more conversation, and maybe a light snack—we’re very food-motivated—before more research and conversations. All of our time will go toward making sure you are 100% happy with the direction of your new brand.

Logo Design

Create a solid foundation built on trust.

Do you want to know the secret to building trust with consumers? Or the easiest way to stand out from the competition? The answer is a well-designed logo. Having a well-designed logo can be the shining beacon that guides consumers home. And why start from scratch, when we can take your current logo and breathe new life into it?

Whether your company has morphed from a horse into a unicorn or has transformed from a furry caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, we can refresh your logo to match the new look and feel of your business. We know that it’s not our job to tell you how to change. Our job is to listen to what you want and then help you take the energy and momentum of your company and infuse them into an updated logo—and maybe even new business cards.

Brand Identities

Stand out from the competition.

Whatever it is that sets your business apart from the competition—hard work ethic, unique product base, high attention to detail, employees dressed in inflatable T-rex costumes (we don’t judge)—you need to be able to deliver your brand message to the market in a consistent and highly effective way. Our team can help you carefully construct messaging that takes into account your mission, vision, target audience, and desired outcomes.

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