Breakdown Plastic

With 80-90% of plastics ending up in landfills, our planet is being covered by this slowly degrading material. To prevent the Earth from swimming in it, Breakdown Plastic's revolutionary additive decreases the time it takes for plastic to biodegrade. If applied to landfills all over the planet we could see a significant reduction in the size of our landfills. FirstPage partnered with Breakdown Plastic to create a uniquely designed website to educate others about their great new product.

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  • • Responsive design for mobile-friendly use
  • • Custom designed WordPress blog
  • • Designed for user education

Service Provided Responsive design for mobile-friendly use

With mobile smartphones containing massive computing power, its no wonder people can complete the majority of their work on these small devices.

Benefit: The Breakdown Plastic website was developed to display on any device, no matter the screen size.

Service Provided Custom designed WordPress blog

With a wealth of information, it was important to Breakdown Plastic that they had a place to make this information available to the masses.

Benefit: Through a custom developed WordPress blog, our client can now quickly post new articles for everyone to see.

Service Provided Designed for user education

Each website has its own goal. With Breakdown Plastic being so new and unique, it is important that information is conveyed clearly.

Benefit: Through design and custom developed scripts, the new website educates users in a beautiful way.

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