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As a third-party logistics provider, C&D Logistics knows the ins and outs of the freight shipping industry. Whether you need to ship your products by road, rail or air, in Canada or internationally, C&D Logistics can help you do it. Their knowledge and experience is extensive and they have helped numerous clients with their shipping logistics. FirstPage worked with C&D Logistics to put together a digital marketing strategy helping them to generate numerous leads.

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  • • Top position in paid ads
  • • First page for multiple organic searches
  • • Lead generating contact forms

Service Provided Top Position in Paid Ads

Increasing your online presence on Google is the first step to generating leads. Google Adwords campaigns are a great way to get your website out there and generating clicks.

Benefit: Through a properly optimized Google Adwords campaign, C&D Logistics ranks on the top of Google Search results for numerous keywords.

Service Provided First page for multiple organic searches

Google is the first place that people will search to find what they are looking for. Through search engine optimization FirstPage was able to get C&D Logistics ranking on the first page for multiple keywords.

Benefit: Organic search engine traffic has increased by 24.40% since FirstPage created and optimized C&D Logistics' new website. Bounce rate to the website also decreased by 14% while page views increased by 14%.

Service Provided Lead generating contact forms

The goal of a properly design website is to generate leads. This was especially important for C&D Logistics. With multiple lead generating forms they are able to capture clients quickly and start working on quotes.

Benefit: In less than a month after the website launched, there have been over 20 tracked conversions on the website.

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