Clipper Canoes

Founded in 1976, Clipper Canoes builds over 40 different models of canoes and ships them worldwide. They are now one of the largest canoe manufacturers in North America.

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  • Easy user navigation between products
  • Integrated dealer locator
  • Full control through CMS by the client
quote Well done

We are very pleased with the new look of our website built by FirstPage Marketing. In setting up plans for the site they were very courteous and conscious of time sensitive nature of the project. Meetings regarding the site were well planned, quick and painless.

FirstPage did a fabulous job capturing the essence of what we do. Our site is now user friendly and informative, allowing our clients to quickly sort out what product will work best for them. Every paddler just happening on the site is bound to enjoy the visit.

Lynne Smith, Manager

Service Provided Designed For Optimal User Experience

User experience is critical to helping your customers find what they are looking for on your site. A frustrating experience can lead to a high amount of users leaving without taking any action. FirstPage worked with Clipper Canoes so that the products were organized and easily accessible from every direction.


The website can easily be navigated through drop down menus, sidebars, and other menus placed strategically for where the user will look for them.

Service Provided Fully Controlled By the Client Through WordPress

With such a wealth of products and information the website needed to act as a library of information holding it all together. A WordPress system is perfect for a case like this where there is a vast range of pages and categories.


The entire website was developed on a WordPress system so that products can be easily created, edited, and moved - even by the client.

Custom designed website page
Service Provided Integrated Feature To Find A Local Dealer

Clipper Canoes are sold all over Canada. The client wanted to make sure that their customers can easily find the closest dealer to make the purchase.


FirstPage integrated a dealer locator so customers can search their location radius to find the closest dealer.

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