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With over 25 years of experience in human services and over 15 years of executive manager roles, Cameron Keller is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. Through Kaleidoscope Consulting, Cameron provides executive coaching, team building and alignment, and helps business to develop psychologically healthy workplaces. FirstPage Marketing worked with Cameron to design a new, responsive website that Cameron can use to generate new clientele.

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  • • Responsive design for easy mobile use
  • • Content management system for client control
  • • Search engine optimization

Service Provided Responsive design for easy mobile use

For busy executives on the go, a smartphone is an important tool for research and discovery. Any website that is viewable from a mobile device needs to be optimized for mobile responsiveness.

Benefit: The new Kaleidoscope Consulting website is mobile-friendly so it displays perfectly on any device, any screen size.

Service Provided Content management system for client control

Cameron Keller is an active blogger, so it was important that his new website included a platform to do this.

Benefit: We integrated a WordPress blog seamlessly into the new website so Cameron can blog on a regular basis.

Service Provided Search Engine Optimization

"Google" didn't become a verb for just any reason. They provide fast results to users around the world, a great way for businesses to grow their customer base.

Benefit: FirstPage Marketing search engine optimized the new Kaleidoscope website so it can rank on Google search results and capture new leads for Cameron.

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