Keystone Architecture

Keystone is a architectural design firm in Abbotsford. For over 25 years they have been designing projects from residential condos and churches, to industrial and recreational facilities. Keystone was ready to improve their online presence and breath new life into their online marketing. With the help of FirstPage Marketing, Keystone now has a beautiful new website to showcase their projects, complete with a content management system and mobile responsive code. The new website design has also led to improvements in website interaction rates and increases in traffic.

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  • 738.46% increase in organic search traffic
  • 217.24% increase in new users
  • 62.56% increase in Contact page views
  • 43.57% decrease in bounce rate

Service Provided Search Engine Optimization

It was important for Keystone Architecture to be found on Google. This is an opportunity to generate new leads by being found by prospective customers. FirstPage Marketing optimized the new website for search engines to ensure that it would rank well in organic results.

Benefit: Since the new website has launched, organic traffic to the website has increased by 110.15%. This means that more users are finding Keystone online, and visiting their website, providing new leads and business.

Service Provided User Interaction Improvements

When FirstPage Marketing designs a website, it is always done with performance in mind. With Keystone, we wanted to make sure that users would end up on the Contact page where they would contact Keystone for their next project.

Benefit: With the new website design has led to an increase in contact page views by 62.56%. Users also spend 30% more time on the website on average, have a decreased bounce rate of 20%.

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