Krystal Financial

Located in Vancouver, Krystal Financial is a private equity firm that over the years has purchased and sold many different businesses in various industries in Canada. Their team is knowledgable and experienced in evaluating businesses and come alongside management, shareholders, and employees to help them succeed. We were fortunate to work with Krystal Financial in designing and developing a new responsive website to match their firm's expertise.

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  • • Fully responsive website for mobile use
  • • Content manager and blog at the control of the client
  • • Lead focused user design
quote Clearly differentiated

The team at FirstPage were great at getting to know what made Krystal Financial unique and were able to translate that into a clearly differentiated site compared to other firms in our market. They were also very patient in dealing with all of the tweaks and adjustments we wanted to explore before we gave them a final OK to launch the site.

Jeff Mayhew, Krystal Financial Corp.

Service Provided Mobile-Friendly Website

As 20% of Krystal Financial's website traffic was coming from mobile devices, ignoring this user base can decrease leads and cut of a large portion of their traffic from navigating the website and learning about the business.

Benefit: The new website displays perfectly on any device and size. This allows users to easily navigate and find the information they need about Krytal Financial.

Service Provided Content Management System

Being experts in their industry, Krystal Financial is always posting new articles and updates. They need this control in their hands so they can keep the flow of information moving.

Benefit: The new website includes a full CMS for the client to alter images and text on any page. It also features a WordPress blog to post the latest new and updates for their shareholders.

Service Provided Lead Focused Design

Krystal Financial is always interested in investing and working with new businesses. They want their website to invite business owners to contact them to start the conversation.

Benefit: FirstPage designed the website with clear links to the contact us page on all pages of the website so users can quickly take action and contact Krystal Financial.

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