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Susanne provides coaching to business owners and organization leaders to help them improve their performance and reach their true potential. She has travelled the world and has worked with high level executives from many renowned companies. Susanne was ready to bring her brand to the next level and FirstPage was ready to help her do that.

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  • • Responsive design for easy mobile use
  • • WordPress install for client controlled blogging
  • • Contact forms for lead generation
quote Received many compliments

I hired FirstPage Marketing in 2014 and over the last two years, I have loved working with them all. I cannot recommend this team highly enough. I know they have my best interest at heart and are always working towards the greater success of me and my company. It is brilliant to feel this sense of partnership, to feel I have an ally. On top of all of this, they know their business: branding, beautiful website creation, design, marketing, strategy, business. If you need the services they provide, you could not do better than FirstPage.

Susanne Biro, Senior Leadership Coach, Author, Vegan

Service Provided Mobile-Friendly Website

With the improvement of smart phones they have become a more dominate search tool than the computer. A great user experience on mobile leads to a higher conversion rate.

Benefit: Susanne's new website is fully responsive so it is easy to use for all users, no matter the device.

Service Provided WordPress Blog

Susanne provided valuable knowledge and advice for all her clients and readers, so an easy to use WordPress blog was critical to have on the new website.

Benefit: FirstPage added an easy to use WordPress blog with a design to match the rest of the website.

Service Provided Lead Generation

Susanne is always ready to help business owners and organization leaders reach their full potential and the website needed to work with that goal in mind.

Benefit: The website is equipped with a contact form on the bottom of every page, always ready for a lead.

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